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October 16, 2013


Reader wants answers on Camm trial

In regards to the article published Oct. 4 in the News and Tribune, the jury in David Camm’s current murder trial won’t hear from Camm’s former attorney. I would again like to thank Maureen Hayden for her unbiased journalism. The truth is all I need to form an opinion, not the insight of another to base it upon.

I would also like to thank Mike McDaniel for coming forward with very important information, which may not be told to the jurors, but as a taxpayer and voter, I have every right to know. Coming forward with this information is in no way beneficial to him, and in a small town of good ol’ boy politics could, in fact, be very detrimental to Mr. McDaniel.

I have always found it very odd that among all of the evidence available in this case the focus was placed on eight specks of blood not even visible to the naked eye, and a man who had lived his life for the most part as an average citizen. And out of those eight spots of blood only three or four may have been viewed as possible hypervelocity impact, when it is known that in this situation there would be thousands of drops. And, why was a $300,000 blood pattern analyst brought in versus using the crime lab we already on the State of Indiana’s payroll?

I believe that it is very important for former Floyd County Prosecutor Stan Faith to come forward and clarify to the public exactly how it came about that he was able to overlook a bloody sweatshirt with a convicted felon’s DNA on it along with his prison nickname — that being Charles Boney? I could maybe understand one thing being overlooked, but Boney also left his entire handprint on the side of the Camm’s Bronco, which no one involved in the investigation seemed concerned with. I would also like to know if it was commonplace for Faith to show up at crime scenes and take over investigations?

And then for Prosecutor Keith Henderson, why wasn’t there a more thorough follow-up investigation since Boney’s DNA and fingerprints were found to be contained in a computer database since 1997?

When I have answers to these questions, perhaps I can begin to understand why $4.5 million and still counting has been spent to imprison David Camm. Until that day comes, I will continue to ask whomever will listen.

— Kathy J Heil, Elizabeth

Man frustrated with GOP’s tactics

For almost 100 years, presidents have tried to come up with a plan for those who have little or no monetary access to health care, whether their affliction is mundane or life-threatening.

Finally, after a long struggle, President Obama, with a Democratic Congress, overcame many obstacles to come up with at least a starter plan — for which I and most others do not come close to fully understanding. But, at least it is a plan and I’m sure that it will take more than just tweaking to get it right. But, we will get there in time, and we will save a ton of money.

It will be like Social Security and other programs which turned out well but were highly opposed by most Republicans at the time. The upper echelon of the GOP — like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and company will go to any extreme and tell any lie to try to undo or unfund this Affordable Care Act. They cannot bear to see Obama leave office with such a proud legacy.

People already love the parts that cover pre-existing conditions and the family plan that covers 26-year-old offspring.

The rest kicked in Oct. 1, the same day the Republican Party shut our government down to prevent Obama’s plan — which is now the law of the land — from kicking in. It’s a law that will help maintain a healthier society.

The practice alone of the indigent visiting the emergency room as opposed to having the means to visit a doctor will save billions of dollars a year.

This is the same Republican Party that tried to unfund Planned Parenthood, the most prominent organization in the U.S. for standing up for women’s rights. This is the same party that wanted to cut millions of dollars from the food stamp and school free lunch program. This is the same party that under the last Bush presidency gave we seniors one of the most costly breaks on medicine in history, regardless if you earned a dollar a year or a million a year.

This is the same party that is willing to split a family apart by sending their father back to his homeland even if his only offense is his lack of legal papers.

This is the same party that ousted one of our greatest Republican statesmen in modern history only because he dared to work across the aisles with the Democrats in congress. Yes, Sen. Lugar’s words of wisdom have been greatly missed.

We all realize that the rank and file of the Republican Party are not directly culpable for the gridlock and obstructionism on Capitol Hill, but you are the ones that elected these people.   

— Charlie Gregory, Charlestown