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October 19, 2013



... to Mike at Jackson’s Seafood in New Albany.

I needed a place to park for a photo opportunity last weekend and he could have easily charged me $10 for a spot, since it was Harvest Homecoming and all. He let me park for free without any fuss. Thanks for helping your friendly, local journalist.

— Staff Writer Jerod Clapp


... since Jerod didn’t mention it above, cheers in general for Jackson’s Seafood for their awesome fried fish and chips. And spicy mustard.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to motorists who aren’t courteous, especially during times of mass construction, as with the Ohio River Bridges Project work.

I’ll use merging as an example. Motorists merging from exit zero in Jeffersonville onto Interstate 65 south have a very short distance in which they have to get over to the left into a through lane. Regularly, motorists already in the lefthand lane don’t recognize — or don’t care — that the merging motorist literally has no where to go but left.

It’s my hope that during this time of increased congestion, people will be more apt to let their fellow motorists merge in an orderly fashion all over the metro area.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... to yet another delay in the Jeffersonville ramp of the Big Four Bridge bike and pedestrian pathway project.

We’re not looking at the end of November before the ramp may be open, which means a whole season of nice weather with the Louisville side of the ramp open wasted.

The bridge is going to be a gem for our region once it opens in full. It’s unfortunate that hasn’t happened already.

— Editor Shea Van Hoy


... for what’s missing on the new Hamburg Pike.

After waiting patiently, for two years, at construction backups on Hamburg Pike, I was shocked when it was finally striped and finished — there is no accommodation for bicycles. As a matter of fact, it's even worse now as there is a concrete curb that basically traps cyclists trying to avoid a rear-end collision or road hazard. Cyclists have no way of avoiding a potentially lethal situation. I was under the impression that the Hamburg Pike corridor was being developed to be bicycle friendly. Apparently not.

There will be many motorists that say no concern should be paid to accommodating bikes. Those motorists don’t have to like or ride bicycles — but some of us choose to promote positive change toward our nation’s plague of obesity and our gluttonous use of fossil fuels for transportation.

Business travel takes me all over the country. I see widespread implementation of practical public transportation programs and bicycle-friendly communities.

Unfortunately, Jeffersonville, at present, is not one of those communities. It’s embarrassing. And extremely dangerous. Giving cyclists a little safe room to ride on Hamburg Pike would have helped.

— Rick Daugherty, Jeffersonville


... to the city of New Albany for recent repairs to the steps and handrails leading over the floodwall at the Pearl Street access.

— William Longest, New Albany


... to New Albany Building Commissioner David Brewer for having the grass mowed at an empty lot in the 3400 block of Kamer Miller Road. Great job.

— Charlie Ratchford, New Albany


... to all the pet lovers who dropped money into the jar during Harvest Homecoming so my heartworm-positive foster rat terrier, Kricket, could be treated. There was enough collected to pay for her entire treatment.

Also, to the staff of Edwardsville Animal Clinic and Dr. Loftus, who treated Kricket successfully for heartworms. They are a great bunch of folks who care so much about animals.

— Peggy Roberson, Indiana Foster Parent for Ratbone Rescues


... to the city of New Albany for not utilizing the beautiful amphitheater for more events, even weekly events.

— William Longest, New Albany


... to Rep. Todd Young for sneaking restrictions to contraceptives into the funding bill and calling it serious negotiation.

He can’t pick and choose to fund only the laws and programs he likes. That’s not how democracy works.

— Susan Ryan, Floyds Knobs


... to Jeffersonville Parks Department if they bring an ice skating rink back to downtown Jeffersonville.

A financial report showed that the rink cost the city more than $152,000 the past two years. That kind of money would repair a lot of sidewalks in the city. They also will not melt when it warms up.

Taxpayers money should be spent wisely; not wasted on someone’s wish list.

— Tom Book, Jeffersonville

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