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May 7, 2013


Resident unhappy with city’s progress

I read that the town of Sellersburg is spending $100,000 via a loan from their Redevelopment Fund on a drainage project. Good for them.

Charlestown Mayor Bob Hall refuses to spend a single penny to address drainage problems in the Hidden River Valley neighborhood.

Yet, in the past five years he spent over a million dollars from the TIF fund on such things as payroll that wasn’t in the budget, technology projects, sidewalks, new offices in City Hall and those all-important Christmas lights.

Mayor Hall’s massage to the residents of Hidden River Valley is clear: Tough Luck, it’s my turn, not yours. But, boy, aren’t those Christmas lights pretty? Maybe you could go to the high school and see some of the television broadcast equipment the city paid for. Or buy one of the obsolete computers the city bought.

And I’ll bet you always wanted to walk on a new sidewalk, especially all the way out to the hospital. Next, you could visit my new office. It’s really nice. After all that, you might be thirsty. If so, You’re welcome to have a drink of the cruddy city water. Don’t worry about its high content of manganese. It’s really not all that unhealthy. Besides, if you complain too much, I just might have to file a lawsuit against you for defaming our water department.

— Bruce Bottorff, Charlestown


Reader defends homeless shelter leader

I see that the chairman of the Floyd County Republican Party, Dave Matthews in his News and Tribune letter of April 27, has found someone else to downgrade.

You sit up there in your captain’s chair with your head in the clouds making the big bucks and you have the gall to call Barbara Anderson lazy. Barbara Anderson has been working tirelessly for many years trying to keep down-and-out families where they can be fed and bedded down as a family, until they can get some structure back into their lives. Of course, in your perspective she’s probably only enabling a bunch of dead-beats. By the way, have you ever visited Haven House’s Williams Emergency Shelter or have you ever eaten at a soup kitchen?

You criticized her for complaining about her lack of access to our state political leaders and you suggested she search out regular town hall meetings to talk about her issues. She might get a word in edgewise if she were lucky. How many executive directors do you know who deal with as many people as she does have to rely on town hall meetings to discuss their issues? You may have not noticed, but the indigent aren’t at the top of their constituency list.

Most of you in the GOP and Tea Party have being crying about Obama’s overspending ever since he was first inaugurated. Now that there have been a few token cuts agreed upon by the House and Senate through sequestration, you are crying like stuck hogs. What would you have done if there were cuts like the Tea Party has been advocating?

The only thing that I can agree with you on is that nobody likes sequestration. I think they should throw it back into the courtroom where people understand it, and use some kind of austerity terminology. You wrote in your letter: “Two presidents, one a Republican and one a Democrat, have tried to repair our economy by overspending.”

The first aforementioned put us into a war in the Middle East (likely in perpetuity) and the consequences have been devastating. The second entered office with a enormous deficit in which it took a dozen financial wizards to keep us from spiraling into a depression worse than in the 1930s (at least temporarily) So, please Dave don’t give them equal blame.

You also stated that “Mrs. Anderson claimed that our elected officials voted only for whom their party leaders told them and you said that was an untrue statement.”

Ordinarily, I would agree with that statement. However, since I saw how our legislators voted the way the National Rifle Association told them, I can believe anything.

— Charlie Gregory, Charlestown

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