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February 26, 2013



A senior who receives average annual Social Security on $16,000 pays no Indiana State or county income tax on that income. A Civil Service retiree in Indiana receiving the same amount of retirement income pays 3.4 percent State income tax and, on average, 1.43 percent county tax on all but the first $2,000 (and in some cases on that, too) a total of $676 yearly. That is $676 a Civil Service retiree doesn’t have for prescriptions, groceries, utilities, property taxes and other expenses.

It is a lot of money when you are living on a fixed income. All we want is fairness, the same treatment most Indiana seniors already receive. There is no objection to the income tax exemption received by seniors on Social Security or Railroad Retirement. Indiana lawmakers need to correct this gross unfairness in the upcoming legislative session and treat all seniors the same.  

Two bills have been introduced to begin corrective measures — HB1294 and SB336. If you are a Civil Service annuitant or active federal employee, please call your state legislators at 800-382-9842 (House) and 800-382-9467 (Senate). Ask your legislator to actively support these aforementioned bills. If you need more information, please call 812-923-3626.

— Don Savage, National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association, New Albany


Teacher remembers first class


In September 1965, I began my career as a teacher in the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. My first classroom assignment a fifth-grade at Slate Run Elementary School. Those 34 students were great.

Over the years, I’ve thought of them often and wondered where life led them. Below is a list of their names. I’m aware of some of their career choices and have listed them in parenthesis.

Sally Huff (education), Sherri Payne (nursing), Steve Bare, Sam Faris (trucking business), Tony Gibbons, Paula Stoner, Steve Uesseler, Carla Dolan (social work), Karen Linton, Laurie Oldham, Nancy Trobaugh, Marie Keithley (banking), Denise Scott, Fran Hanson, Connie Willman, Mike Burp, Sharon Salmi, Kathy Copas, David Flanigan, Danny Flanigan, Glenn Norrington, Gary Ragsdale, Peggy Peers, Nancy Summers, Richard Overton, Patty McDermott, Debbie Bell, Teresa Fleming (education), Bobby James, David Mock, Cindy Conrad, Roxanne Keithley, Lu Anne Keithley and Lisa Fetz.

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