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October 10, 2012



Reader urges vote for Grabowski


I first met Sharon Grabowski almost 50 years ago at New Albany High School. Tom Weatherston had cast me to play Helen Keller’s mother in our school’s production of “The Miracle Worker” and Sharon (then Sharon Krupski) played Annie Sullivan, the teacher who worked miracles with Helen Keller.

Today, Sharon is setting out to work more miracles. She is running for Indiana State Representative from our District 72 on the Democratic Party ticket and I strongly support her. I sometimes hear people say they are sick of politics and politicians — that they are all dishonest.

In these times, I can understand how one might feel that way but for all of you out there who do, let me reassure you about Sharon. She is not a career politician and she is certainly not dishonest. She is a retired teacher who has devoted most of her adult life to education and she is very worried about what is happening to our schools in the state of Indiana.

Only the other day, a judge had to rule against a new teachers’ contract form that clearly violated state law (please see Marion County Superior Court Judge Patrick McCarty rules in favor of the Indiana State Teachers Association against Dr. Tony Bennett and the Indiana Department of Education, Sept. 12, 2012). This is only one instance of the problems our state is facing in the field of education.

Please vote for Grabowski on Nov. 6 and support our schools and our children.

— Kathy Eickmann, New Albany

Writing in support of the GOP

I am writing to address a letter from the Sept. 19 opinion page, which was critical of the GOP platform for a number of reasons, saying, “the GOP wants to return to policies which we had under President Bush.”

I assume the writer was referring to George W. Bush. Let’s compare “W’s” policies to Obama’s. Regulations on banks and businesses. Are banks and businesses doing better now than under “W’s” administration? Both were doing fine until Barney Frank, Democrats from Massachusetts and Chris Dodd, Democrat from Connecticut, manhandled Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac and with a Democratic Congress, coerced banks into making loans that no competent banker would have made previously, which brought on the banking crisis.

No. 2, “the hard line world.” Did the world and our enemies respect us more under “W” or now under Obama? Huh?

No. 3, “starting two wars paid with tax cuts.” First we didn’t start either war. We were attacked by terrorists based in Afghanistan. Remember Sept. 11 don’t you? And Saddam Hussein put a contract on President George Bush 41 while ignoring 17 United Nations ultimatums to allow NATO inspectors into Iraq to verify they weren’t making weapons of mass destruction. No one else stood up to enforce the ultimatums.

No. 4, “policies that took our country to the brink of collapse.” Talk about the brink of collapse. In 232 years, this country accumulated a national debt of nearly $10 trillion. About $4 trillion under “W” fighting two wars and the worldwide war on terror. After 3 1/2 years of Obama, that debt is now $16 trillion and rising. That is a 60 percent jump in less that four years. You think that is a good thing?

Something else to consider, gas prices were less than half of what they are under Obama. Another policy item, General Motors was owned by shareholders, IRAs and retirement funds, which senior citizens depend on for their income. Under Obama, GM is now primarily owned by the UAW. Is that a good thing?

No. 5, the fact that the GOP supports the right to life, a basic part of our constitution, while the Democratic platform supports a woman’s right to choose. Choose what? Choose to kill an innocent baby?

While we’re addressing policies, let’s not forget our energy dependence on Mideast Muslim countries who don’t exactly love us. Under Obama, American oil companies have been forbidden to drill for new oil supplies [off our own coasts] while China, Cuba and Venezuela are allowed to. And the Keystone Pipeline was halted by the Obama administration. It would have brought us oil from Canada and provided good paying jobs.

I watched both conventions. If I had been a Democrat I would have been embarrassed at the endless cast of losers who spoke — John Kerry, a total phony, Jimmy Carter, a total failure and Sandra Fluke, a sex-crazed college student, attending a school 90 percent of us couldn’t afford who thinks we should pay for her entertainment.

If you want to find fault with the GOP and support the national Democratic ticket, I don’t think you watched either convention nor have any idea what the two parties stand for.

— John Kettler, Greenville

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