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October 3, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Oct. 3, 2012



Are you an American or Christian first?

A letter to the editor in the paper on Sept. 13, 2012, by Beth Dorsey tried to show how America was losing its faith values. It misinterpreted an article of Bill of Rights. The person went on to identify “political correctness” as a symptom of America losing its values and included taking God out of schools as another symptom of losing our faith values.

The writer forgets most Europeans left their homes because of Naturalistic religions and the wars and killings of Christian against Christian, all in the name of God. The last thing our founding fathers wanted to do was to start a new country by repeating the mistakes of the European home lands with sectarian wars.

As America began, certain states had state religions of Protestant origin. Some where Methodist, Baptist, etc. If you preached another denomination’s message other than the state’s official religion, you could be arrested, ousted from the state or put in stocks in the town square.

Prayers in school had to meet the standard of the official document of the state religion. The founding fathers wanted no part of the divisiveness of running religion in the new America. This was the reason for the separation of church and state known as Article 1 of the Bill of Rights.

Schools and the 10 Commandments are an example of separation of church and state. Which set of 10 Commandments would we post, the Jewish version, the Catholic version or the Protestant version, or all three to appease all? God has not and never was thrown out of schools. Teacher and principal-led prayer has been done away with. That’s because prayer would be led by someone with a particular denomination doctrine.

Instead, we now have Christian clubs that are sponsored by teachers or students and they meet after school with the same rights and freedom of the other school clubs. They pray, discuss the Bible and read it and bring their questions that are relevant to the Bible study. In 12 years of grade and high school in Clark County, the only prayer anyone had was before a test by individuals. So we now in school have more faith expression than ever.

I’m  not sure what Miss Dorsey meant by political correctness, but to me, it elevates the sanctity of humanity by eliminating phrases that debase people.

As far as God and country, that sounds contrary to Christianity. Paul said we are to be ambassadors, a light to others is what Christ said.

Since Christianity lives in all countries, America is not an exception in God’s love for people of the world. God and country is used mostly by politicians to get us into war and unite our nature to others.

Ask yourself it you are American first or Christian first. There is a difference.

— Steven Fetter, Jeffersonville

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