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July 9, 2013


Reader wants lower bills, no pond in Jeff

In the day and age where every agency that supplies a utility is out to raise the cost, the city of Jeffersonville is no better. 

More than five years ago, we were told the famous words of the EPA mandate and that our sewer bills were going to rise over the course of five years to pay for the necessary measures to bring our city within compliance. Now, five years have come and gone and no one in our city has seen this bill go down. 

To add insult to injury, the mayor wants us to build a retention pond at the end of Eighth Street to gather water. A year ago, the mayor expressed his desire into making this a park with pond, and I feel most of the residents of that neighborhood did not want it. The residents had to watch during the summer as this area become overgrown with weeds and rodents.

Once again, the notion of a pond is being pushed by our mayor and what the engineering firm believes will be a solution. I wish the city would make more of an effort to stop and take the time to listen to the residents there about the flooding and what we see every time it rains. 

Instead, we want to throw away money on another park project and assign it to a Parks Department that already has a strapped budget. I think its time that the city leaders start listening to the residents where these projects are going into and get their feedback on the possible aftermath. 

After all people, it is our money being thrown away.

 — Fred Collins, Jeffersonville


Reader defends Tea Party, calls out liberals

What Tea Party members stand for is honesty, something liberals — yes liberal, a word does not change its meaning just to satisfy leftist whims — will apparently never embrace. 

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