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November 20, 2012


Reader: Anyone can give back

Each year, the month of November is dedicated to recognizing the concepts of giving and serving that make our communities and our nation great. November 15 was National Philanthropy Day and is set aside to pay tribute to the great contributions that philanthropy, as well as those people who give and serve for the common good, have made to our lives, our communities and our world.

Too often we think of philanthropy as an activity of those who have lots of money. In reality, we are all called to be philanthropists with whatever means we have. We can all give our time, talent and treasure to causes we care about. Any act — no matter the size — matters and makes a difference. This month provides a great opportunity to reflect on the blessings we have, and look for ways to give and serve to make the world a better place.

So get out there and give back in gratitude. The challenge is to give to our community and make it a bit better than the way we found it. The National Philanthropy Day slogan encourages us to, “Change the world with a giving heart.”

Together we can do great work.

— Jerry K. Finn, executive director, Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County

Readers give praise to Mr. Transmission

In late July, we met up with a truly honest businessman from your area.

We were moving to Florida, towing a 5 by 8 U-Haul trailer. On the first day of our trip, we experienced a transmission problem on the highway. After having an angel help us, we drove to the Clarksville/Jeffersonville area, which was going to be our first stop. A college friend gave us the phone number of Mr. Transmission. We called and spoke to Jimmy Howell who told us to come the first thing the next morning and he would take a look, for no charge.

Long story short, this gentleman and his staff worked tirelessly to repair our vehicle. Our U-Haul was even taken care of, every night, as cars were pulled around it so no one would pull it off the property. Once the vehicle was repaired, Jimmy drove it for 25 miles just to make sure that everything worked properly. When it came time for the bill, we were charged less that originally quoted. That is a sign of a honest man.

We are so thankful to him and his staff for all their efforts to get us on our way. If anyone needs transmission work, we highly recommend Mr. Transmission as this company is honest. We can use more honest businesses in this world, like Mr. Transmission.

— Tom Surprise and Diane Freestone, Sarasota, Fla.

Holidays are a time to be thankful

Thanksgiving and Christmas, Oh what a joyous time of the year. Of all of the holidays there are, these two are my favorite, and I’m sure other people think the same way.

Thanksgiving for giving thanks, for all of the good things that have happened for each and every one of us, over the past year. Saying Grace over the Thanksgiving meal, that surely takes sometime to prepare.

And not to forget when saying Grace, give thanks for your blessings, and don’t forget, give thanks to the good Lord above.

Trust and believe in Him, with all your heart. It will help you to get by better in life.

Now the most joyous holidays of all, Christmas, when the Birth of Christ happened. People need to give thanks, especially on this day. Remember the Lord’s birthday, which happened more than 2,000 years ago.

Life can be hard at times, living on this earth. But you just have to do the best you can.

Living on earth was not meant to be paradise. The time for that, and to have peace, and no pain or suffering, will be when you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Enjoy your Christmas holiday this year, and all the years to come. And remember what Christmas really means. Amen.

— Stephen Espy, Jeffersonville