News and Tribune

February 13, 2014


Reader says seatbelts help out

In reference to a recent letter to the editor [Jan. 30] from David Kinchlow wondering how effective seatbelts are inside the city limits. Let me say, speaking from recent experience, they are great.

My husband and I were stopped at a stop sign on a residential street when we were rear-ended by a truck. We were knocked forward, went back and fourth in our seats, but we did not hit the dash or windshield because we were wearing our seatbelts in the city limits.

What more can I say.

— Anavelle Jr. Eschman, New Albany

FAN director gives thanks for success

There are so many to thank for Floyd Action Network’s successful first-time FAN Fair on Feb. 1.

One hundred fifty-plus visitors participated in eight workshops — up to 30 participants in each one — and chatted with 19 exhibitors who showcased their “green,” sustainable products and services. Our contention that Southern Indiana residents want information and knowledge about protecting and preserving natural resources while they conserve energy and their money was well substantiated.

We’re encouraged by your participation and look forward to presenting future programs that raise awareness and influence our decisions about how we use our precious natural resources. We couldn’t have had the success without the wonderful press provided by the News and Tribune and other local media.

Our volunteers’ stellar contribution exceeded our expectations. And we thank our exhibitors and workshop presenters, too. Their enthusiastic involvement was the keystone to the success of the event.

— Judy Martin, president, board of directors, Floyd Action Network

Reader reminds of Spainhour’s candidacy

We wanted to comment on a News and Tribune article Feb. 9 concerning the upcoming Clark County election.

We have heard quite a few people asking if Mac Spainhour is still in sheriff’s race. Yes, he is. The listings in the paper and online were for the primary election. Since Mac is running as an independent, he will not be on the primary ballot in May. As an independent, candidates are not in the primary race. Rather, they have to collect 636 signatures from registered Clark County voters to get their name on the ballot for November.

It is my understanding that Mac has more than enough signatures but wants extra as some could be rejected for one reason another. So just remember, he will be on the ballot in November.

— Dr. Bob and Judy Schoch, Borden