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February 5, 2013

Reader letter: Jacob’s Well founders explain venture

— Jacob’s Well is a new ministry developing in Utica. It will focus on the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of its participants.

We refer to our program as the “House of Hope.” It will be a place where single mothers and their children who have been living in desperate situations can begin to rebuild their lives. They will get a second chance to learn, develop confidence and gain the training they need to move ahead in life. Our program is Christ-centered with a strong philosophy of restoration.

The House of Hope offers a structured and safe environment for the development of spiritual growth and healthy life skills and partners with other community organizations to provide spiritual mentoring, educational opportunities, financial training, parenting classes and support groups.

It is a two-year program that includes an on-site life coach and family advocate who will meet with the participants regularly to provide guidance with life choices and setting goals for educational and career opportunities. 

Children living in desperate situations often feel afraid and experience difficulty in learning and developing healthy social skills. The program includes a network of volunteers from area churches to provide mentoring and Christian community.

In addition, the gymnasium is being restored so it can be used for supervised recreational activities for the residents and the community at large. The cafeteria will be rehabilitated and made available for community events. 

To address the concern as to who will be participating in our program, we have detailed eligibility information on our web-site at; click on “applications” to find this information.

Jacob’s Well is not a drug or alcohol rehab center, a halfway house, homeless shelter or crisis center for women fleeing abusive relationships.

Jacob’s Well’s mission:

• Single women, 18 and older will enter the program through an extensive application and referral process.

• Jacob’s Well will partner with qualified organizations who may refer women to us who have successfully completed the types of programs listed above.

• To help single women who truly have the desire to take the “next step” toward a new and healthy life. 

Jacob’s Well is a registered 501(c)3 in Southern Indiana and, as such, receives no government support for services offered. Funding is sought through individuals, churches, fundraisers, corporations and foundations.  

To date, we have received about $300,000 in monetary donations, volunteer labor and in-kind donations from local organizations and businesses to renovate the old school. And we receive monthly financial support from several area churches and individuals along with volunteer services. It has been such a blessing to receive this kind of support in our efforts to provide this much needed program.

Visit our website at for more information on the details of our program, volunteer opportunities and updates on our progress.

— Kevin and Barbara Williar, co-founders of Jacob’s Well