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February 14, 2013



And finally, Mr. Haire’s observation that the system is “proud that there has not been a student expelled from any school for more than three years.” What goes unsaid is that the man that made that happen, Dr. Stephen Daschner, was let go.

In addition, his hand-picked principal for Jeffersonville High School was put out to pasture for daring to exhibit true leadership in fixing JHS. It does beg the question, if Greater Clark is proud of three years of no expulsions, where was that accolade when Dr. Daschner and Jim Sexton were left blowing in the wind?

Again, Mr. Haire is doing what all educators are taught to do. His newspaper column painted an optimistic picture that taxpayers and school board members find comfortable. The problem with this “hear, speak, and see no evil” communication is that it is horribly misleading. 

And when things happen that contradict all the positive enthusiasm, at best our leadership appears out of touch.

— Ken Miller, Charlestown


Property owner opposed to Jacob’s Well project


A Jan. 22 article in your paper about Jacob’s Well has several important issues left out. As my property adjoins Old Utica School, I have never been questioned/interviewed over Jacob’s Well. I want to set the record straight about several issues.

For starters, the property has deed restrictions for parks and recreational purposes, and zoning issues have not been settled. Also, Jacob’s Well is misleading what they are trying to do.

Mr. Dave Evanczyk stated in same article, he is an investor in Jacob’s Well, and didn’t know the motivation of those opposed to Jacob’s Well. I personally find this hard to understand, as he’s been at every meeting the past seven months listening to the community voice their issues. Jacob’s Well doesn’t bring anything positive to our town. Township/town taxes will increase to provide added services for this facility and property value will go down. 

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