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June 24, 2008

LETTERS: June 24, 2008

Former student wants Silver school saved

Hello, my name is Zack Van Winkle and I am 11 years old. I used to go to Silver Street.

I’ve joined a group trying to stop the closing of Silver Street. I don't think Silver Street should be closed. I know they're trying to close it because it’s not handicap accessible and it’s old, but it's still a great school. Also, the president came saying how well we were doing. It doesn't make sense to close a school the president just honored.

If there's going to be a closing, why not a school that's doing bad?

Also, as I said earlier, I used to go to Silver Street. After my second grade year, I was switched to the excel class at Mount Tabor. A few of my other friends from Silver Street also came. If we made it there, the school had do be teaching well.

And they say Silver Street has a bad kitchen, but I cannot tell a difference between Silver Street's and Mount Tabor's.

Even though Mount Tabor is supposed to have better stuff, it doesn't make it a better school. I think Silver Street is way better, even though its older and doesn't have all the new things. I think the staff is better — you feel like you know the school - and you know all the teachers and they know you. And even though Mount Tabor was nice (and I'm not just saying this) Silver Street was and always will be my favorite school.

— Zack Van Winkle, New Albany

He urges citizens to help save school

In response to the recent article, “New Albany-Floyd County school closure seems likely,” I'd like to summarize the options currently on the table for the Resources for Results committee and make a few comments. From a June 2 memo from Superintendent Brooks to the Resources for Result Committee, published by the Tribune on Tuesday, the options read as follows:

Option 1 - Close Silver Street Elementary

Option 2 - Close Silver Street Elementary

Option 3 - Close Pineview Elementary

Option 4 - Close Pineview Elementary

Where are the options that do not involve a school closure? Where are the options for trimming some of the waste in the school corporation and routing the funds to the schools that need it most?

Silver Street Elementary has recently received national acclaim because of it's exemplary status. It makes no sense at all to even discuss it's closure. Rather we need to be discussing how the school should receive more funding. Silver Street Elementary has given very good results. Now where are the resources?

The Resources for Results Committee is headed by Dr. Amick, a paid consultant brought in by Superintendent Brooks. Recently Dr. Amick was involved in a similar project for the Richmond Community School Corporation. Their Resources for Results plan was implemented in 2002. In 2006, Richmond schools saw the lowest graduation rate in 15 years!

Let's not go down the same path. I urge the citizens of New Albany and Floyd County to take a stand against this committee. Closing neighborhood schools has a negative impact on property values and the community.

— Jeremy Finn, New Albany