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August 24, 2008

LETTERS: August 24, 2008

An open letter to NA-FC’s Dr. Brooks

I'm writing to you because I am extremely concerned and upset about the possibility of the closing of Silver Street Elementary.

My son is a fourth grade student at Silver Street and has had a wonderful learning environment in which he has thrived and become an honor roll student.

As you know, Silver Street Elementary is not only a historical fixture in our community, but it is a part of our hearts and souls. Generation after generation has flourished not only in their education, but in their community involvement and spirit at Silver Street Elementary. Families and neighbors of these students band together to help nourish our children’s' educational futures by volunteering, supporting, cheering and protecting our children and our school.

My son and I purchased a home on Depauw Avenue five years ago, only because I was assured my son would be able to attend Silver Street Elementary. This school not only provides an "Exemplary" education, but it provides a culturally diverse environment for my son to learn in.

As the economy moves to a global market, the workforce is being challenged with new cultures, demographics and backgrounds. It is important to give our children experiences that will teach them that it is possible for all backgrounds to work together to achieve common goals. Silver Street Elementary helps instill these values in our children.

The August 12, 2008 edition of the New Albany Tribune states that Silver Street is one of three schools in the entire district which has scored "Exemplary" status. Silver Street is the only school in town which is above "Academic Watch." Silver Street has outperformed all but one of the schools in Floyds Knobs, which typically receive special treatment from the school board. We have even done this without asking for expensive building renovations.

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