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September 2, 2008

LETTERS: Sept. 3, 2008

Speeding on Blackiston Mill Road

I just read the letter to the editor written by a concerned citizen about the speeding on Blackiston Mill Road and would like to comment that a 3-way-stop is badly needed at Potters Lane. Placing a 3-way-stop at this intersection would help to slow traffic.

At times, it takes several minutes for the traffic to clear enough to turn right off Potters Lane onto Blackiston Mill Road and it is almost impossible to make a left turn. During the holiday season, you may as well forget trying either a right turn or left turn, as you will not make it across.

A few years ago, the mayor stated that if the city was to place a stop sign at Gutford Road, then Potter’s Lane would get a 3-way-stop. Gutford Road has a stop light and Potter’s Lane does not have their 3-way-stop.

Since Blackiston Mill Road is now a “cut-through” for Veterans Parkway for those that do not wish to use the expressway, traffic is even worse than before. Now is the time to install a three-way-stop before there is a fatality or serious accident due to heavy traffic and impatient drivers.

Thank you for the opportunity to present my view.

— Wilma Polen, Clarksville

Reader: Another liberty lost

The loss of liberty is one of the saddest losses of all. It strikes to the very heart of all freedom-loving people.

Recently, we all suffered the loss of another liberty. We lost another freedom. The New Albany City Council followed the example of Louisville and Jeffersonville and removed the liberty we had to smoke in any bar or any restaurant in that city.

It didn’t make any difference what the owners of each establishment wanted. It didn’t make any difference what the clientele wanted. It didn’t matter how “state-of-the-art” any ventilation system was. The liberty to choose to smoke or not was taken away from every potential patron of any of these establishments. The government will decide for us, and we will not smoke.

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