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September 17, 2008

LETTERS: August 18, 2008

Curran column strikes her nerve

Ms. Kelley Curran in her Sept. 9, 2008 column in The News and Tribune wrote telling of a voiceover she heard in a new ad by the American Association of Retired Persons, joined by and other groups.

The voiceover states:

“What if you had to go to work no matter how hurt or sick you were? That’s the reality for millions of Americans who are just one accident or illness away from financial ruin. Tell the candidates and our leaders they must fix the health care and financial crisis in this country. Tell the politicians in Washington to put their petty differences aside and make health care affordable for all.”

Ms. Curran’s article did not address the question posed in the voiceover, instead she chose to write her article belittling those concerned with the well being of others, not just themselves. It’s difficult to understand why Ms. Curran would judge the motivation of someone who cares about other human beings, to the point of calling them liars and questioning their morals.

Ms. Curran alluded to the “knowledgeable person claiming we can have universal health care coverage that is either directly paid for, or heavily regulated by government and not have a high level of taxation is a liar.”

No, this knowledgeable person is not a liar, this person is informed, having read the proposed legislation introduced in House Resolution 676 by Congressman John Conyers.

Ms. Curran wrote: “Forget the principles behind policies. Forget representing those that don’t share our views on this, like whoever gets stuck with the bill.”

Forget principles? What we must not forget are the principles behind human healthcare. What we must not forget are our responsibilities to one another!

Ms. Curran wrote: “True conservatives do not feel high taxes and big government are practical, efficient solutions, nor morally correct.”

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