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December 28, 2008

LETTERS: Dec. 28, 2008

What made Farr think letter was about abortion?

Nice letter, Mr. (Larry) Farr, but why did you think my letter was one advocating a position on the abortion controversy? It was not about “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” it was about how you perceive the role of government and laws as they pertain to the fetus and the newborn. There were two references to the abortion controversy: The first was in the first paragraph and referred to the semantics, not the controversy itself; the other was in response to a question you raised and concerned the right of both groups to form and express an opinion on the controversy.

The Evening News did not print my letter in its entirety. Had they done so, you really would have had a field day. They also removed a question mark from behind the word “adequately;” this would have indicated how I think governments handle most problems.

Your last sentence implies that I have a choice in the matter. No, Mr. Farr, I do not have a choice about an abortion since I will never be in a position to make that decision. I do, however, have an opinion, but have never made any effort — other than voting — to influence or coerce the government in any way to change or alter existing laws. I do support people’s right — on both sides of the controversy — to do so.

You are correct when you say, “I did not say,” in your third paragraph. If you noticed in the letter, your exact words were indicated by quotation marks. What you refer to was not a direct quote — notice the absence of quotation marks — it refers to what I thought you were implying. Since you gave no reference to anyone else having made the statement, I could only assume that it was your idea. Considering your intelligence, I figured that you would recognize that. I was lax in my sentence construction in that I did not clarify this. Sorry about that.

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