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February 28, 2013


New Albany resident urges wiser spending

It is with considerable trepidation that I venture my opinion concerning the construction of a sports center espoused by Mayor Jeff Gahan and some members of the City Council, as reported in a recent edition of the News and Tribune.

Have these people, our elected representatives, lost all sense of fiscal responsibility? Our children and our grandchildren will be burdened by this indebtedness. Recreational facilities may be desirable, but they are not essential. 

Streets, sidewalks, drainage and sewage, the homeless, the poor, police and fire protection, education, etc., are ongoing problems in our city, the solutions to which are far more essential than another recreational enterprise, which would serve only a small proportion of our population. The operation of such a complex is costly to say nothing of its maintenance, all of which are ongoing expenses and we have not mentioned the millions of dollars in interest which must be paid along with the almost $20 million in original cost.

Our governments, local as well as national, already are so overburdened by debt that the interest alone amounts to a considerable portion of income. Is it fair to us, to our children, and to their children, to obligate us, as well as our descendants — who have no voice whatsoever in the matter — to pay for such nonessentials? Why must we have instant gratification? What has happened to responsible government? Why can’t we save the money necessary and pay cash when we build it? (The total cost would be less than half).”

Mr. Mayor, members of the council: Please, spend our money wisely. Do not burden us with debt. Do not burden our children with debt. Be thrifty. Be fiscally responsible.

— Daniel l. Cannon, M.D., New Albany


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