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July 25, 2013



Now I have the same concerns if a town manager is hired but as the saying goes, “If you keep doing what you’re already doing, then you’ll continue to get what you’ve already got.” 

Is that what you want?

Moreover, since they gave the insurance agent a two-year contract they should do this as well with a town manager, as this would possibly mitigate any local political influence. It’s a bold significant first step in establishing a full-time, professional manager of the town’s activities. It is truly visionary and long overdue. Incidentally, Councilman Paul Fetter ran on this position.

That leaves us with the separate, distinct and uber-important item of having the freedom to choose your own district representative, also called district voting. It was not considered in the city vs. town debate, nor should it have been. 

Voting by district is a the right of all Americans, and the fact it’s not being practiced in Clarksville is and continues to be moral outrage leaving a small group in control.

Instituting a town manager blows away the only argument of opponents to district voting. It will allow the councilman with full-time jobs to attend to their districts needs when they arise and allow them to concentrate on policy matters.


In 1980 with a population of just 15,000, the town council hired a town manager. He wasn’t a professional and served only two years before the council realized they wanted things their own way. 

Thus, for more than 30 years — without a full-time town manager and without district voting, council members have served themselves s first. When is enough really enough?

— John Krueger, Clarksville


Resident pushes for Code Red system

I, former Charlestown Oregon Fire District Board Chairman Harold Goodlett, recently appeared before the district board meeting to push for Code Red Tornado Warning System. 

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