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May 17, 2014


Family supports park without road

On Tuesday, May 20 , the New Albany Plan Commission is considering amending the city’s Comprehensive Plan to eliminate the requirement that Highland Oaks Drive be extended.

The amendments should be approved and, subsequently, Floyd County’s plan to develop ball fields in the area, without Highland Oaks Drive extending through to Charlestown Road, can be supported. Our family supports the ball fields being built without the road connecting to our neighborhood. It’s really a safety issue for our family and neighbors.

On any given day, on our street alone, there are five to 10 children playing outside and enjoying our safe, quiet neighborhood. Residents of the neighborhood are very aware of all the children playing and drive cautiously. Having only one entrance to the neighborhood is an added safety measure. Adding a through road to Charlestown Road, would greatly increase traffic and decrease, tremendously, the safety of our neighborhood.

It’s also not needed. Having lived here for 12 years, I can honestly say, getting around the area to Charlestown Road is not an issue. We can access Charlestown Road in several quick and convenient ways. When the requirement for the connector street was adopted more than 13 years ago, they probably did not anticipate how much Charlestown Road has been developed, thus not realizing how much traffic a connecting road would create for our neighborhood.

I sincerely ask that our concerns and desire not to have a connector road through Highland Oaks be considered. Even though we are not technically residents of the city of New Albany, we are an important economic force in the city. We work, shop and enjoy the many restaurants downtown.

We love our quiet neighborhood and want it to stay a safe place for our children and ourselves.

— Troy, Sue, Katie, and Mitch Glordan, New Albany

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