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May 21, 2013



Praise one and all of you from myself and the children of this great country of ours — the good old U S of A.

— Stephen Espy, Jeffersonville


Reader urges increased traffic enforcement

I am a resident of Jeffersonville and have been since 1986. I now reside at 3183 Utica Pike. 

My neighbors and I have written our mayor numerous times asking him to use his authority to put a stop to the large number of speeders on Utica Pike. I have lived here two years and my neighbors much longer. A large number of drivers who drive between Jeff Boat and Port Road literally fly down our road in both directions. We are a city road with a 40 mph speed limit. We ask the mayor, the council and the police chief to do something about this.

Also, if you drive out Utica Pike you’ll see numerous signs posted with a weight limit of 8 tons. Yet, we have to deal with constant semi trucks speeding down our road because this is a shorter route to Interstate 65 than Port Road. 

Won’t it be nice when the new park at the Big Four Bridge is finished and the folks coming to enjoy our town have to deal with semis turning from Market Street onto Mulberry? This is the route they take. 

We are not asking for any new regulations — just enforce existing ones. We ask the people in charge of this to please make our road a safer place for all of us who live on Market Street and Utica Pike. It would also benefit the city by the revenue it would produce.


— James Herndon, Jeffersonville

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