News and Tribune

November 29, 2013


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Traffic issues a bit crazy in Utica

As a long time and very proud resident of the Utica area I take computer in hand to explain why so few of us Uticians have been seen in public lately.

It quite possibly has something to do with the fact several hundred 18-wheeled grain trucks are literally parked along Port Road each day waiting to unload, an untold number of Fed-Ex trucks are using the same road to make seasonal deliveries from their warehouses, thousand of other commuters are trying to get to work or home — and I-265 at the far end of Port Road is now down to one lane.

It recently took my wife 35 minutes to navigate the two-stop-distance from Utica Pike to Middle Road, a distance of maybe one-half mile.

 And, oh yeah, the bridge across Lancassange Creek is being replaced, totally shutting down Utica Pike, which itself was closed much of last summer while what seemed to be the Three Guys & A Shovel Construction Company worked on it and infinitum plus 30 days.

The sign at the new bridge site promises the work will be done in about 90 days.

We up here at the far end of Utica Pike can only hope it’s not the same people who have been working on the Big Four Bridge in Jeffersonville.

By the way, Clark County treasurer David Reinhardt’s recent opinion piece in the News and Tribune about further looming traffic issues in the Utica, Clark Maritime Centre, River Ridge area was so right on it’s scary.

Meanwhile we up here in Utica are doing well, thank you, and want to assure all the relatives that we will be coming home for Christmas.

We’re just not sure which year.

Bob Hill