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November 2, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 2, 2012

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Marine: Please exercise your right to vote

While on active duty many of us were in awe of the all too often poor voter turnout during elections here in America. Many of us viewed firsthand that in several countries their general public hungered for opportunities that we enjoy because of our rights as Americans, but they were also puzzled that the most basic of those rights — our right to vote — was not exercised by many citizens for various reasons.

We service members highly valued our right to vote, with many units assigned overseas achieving a 100 percent participation rate through absentee voting. Some will undoubtedly claim that we were ordered to do so, but we were not, nor did I ever hear of such a despicable order being placed. Why then, did we vote? Simply stated, while our bodies were in one place, our souls were in another, namely, The United States of America, and we believed in all that she stands for.

This letter is humbly submitted to encourage you to exercise one of your rights, if for no other reason than to display your value of our service men and women, by placing in office those who will reflect our concerns and beliefs. I suppose I could state the well worn cliche “if you don’t vote you have no right to gripe,” but I don’t believe that is necessary. I will point out, however, that those in harm’s way want to believe that they are placed there by the MAJORITY of America’s citizenry, through our elected leaders. May our God continue to bless America, and all Americans...

— Terry Walker, Chief Warrant Officer 4, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired), New Albany

Reader says paper, Mourdock out of touch

  Out of touch. There just isn’t any other way to describe the [News And] Tribune and its inexplicable coverage of the Tuesday evening debate between Richard Mourdock and Joe Donnelly. Given the reaction to Senator Aiken’s comments about women and rape, you would think that if Daniel Suddeath didn’t recognize that the inflammatory remarks about rape were worthy of a headline or the first line of the article, that at least the editor would know that this was major news. Instead we find the comment buried at the very end of the coverage while CNN, BBC, and other major news organizations immediately picked up the story.

This morning my inbox had notes from friends outside the state asking me about the out of touch, run amok tea party candidate we have for the Senate. Mourdock’s comments about pregnancy and rape were the sort of political gaff that we increasingly see in campaigns. A politician is open and candid about their true positions, then immediately want to retract what they say when they realize it doesn’t play well with the electorate.

If women in this county had any doubts about the “war on women,” Mourdock removed all doubt last night. We have too many candidates that would gladly remove the rights that women have spent decades fighting to get. How ironic that we have a politician willing to take away our rights as women while his party is willing to lecture other countries on democracy. This march to deprive women of protection and choice is too often cloaked in religious certainties.  I find this doubly offensive. How dare Mourdock think that he can speak for God? To imply that God would plan a pregnancy in a case of rape is the sort of thinking that accompanied mass rape of women in Bosnia so that they would carry Serbian babies. These sorts of comments are about men having power over women, plain and simple. It’s time for American women to have equal representation in the Congress. Protecting our rights begins when we start voting for female candidates ready to stand with women.

It is time for women to wake up before it is too late. And it is time for the [News And] Tribune to start being a serious newspaper.

— Susan Ryan, of Floyds Knobs

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