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October 30, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Oct. 30, 2012

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Reader wants to keep Meyer as commissioner

I am writing to say we need to vote to keep Ed Meyer as county commissioner.

Why? Here are just a few things he has done in trying to maintain county operations after that enormous error of the 2007 county council when they cut out forever 25 percent of county revenue, the money Meyer and the commissioners must use to deliver service to citizens.

Meyer instituted a countywide purchase system where at least two commissioners need to sign off on major capital purchases. When the March tornadoes ripped through northern Clark County, Meyer went out that night, took over a dump truck and worked for several nights cleaning brush and trees. He helped to hire expert fiscal consultants to give the county council options to repair the damage done in 2007.

Meyer has tried to find ways to make government more efficient under some very strained budget constraints. He tries every day.

Ed Meyer is not a flashy guy. He tries to work a problem and brings the best results for all citizens. He is solid and dependable as a good county manager.

More than that, he has run a positive campaign, and that cannot be said for some others in these local races.

Keep Ed Meyer as county commissioner.

— Steve West, Jeffersonville

Reader calls for Clere’s ouster

In 1935, our state legislators wrote a bill that would help families of deceased and disabled veterans. As our forefathers were grateful for those that had served, they were also very frugal.

The bill they passed allowed hundreds of thousands of children of disabled veterans to earn their college degrees and the cost to taxpayers was zero. Nothing, not one dime. You ask how. What they did was to grant fee remissions at all state-supported colleges and universities. Again, the cost to the taxpayer was nothing.

For 76 years, we showed the kids of Indiana disabled veterans our thanks and appreciation for the sacrifices one or both of their parents had made on the battlefields to protect our freedom.

A quote by the first general of the Army and the first president of the United States of America, George Washington: “When we assumed the soldier, we did not lay aside the citizen and that is why we cannot forget that once the guns have silenced and the battlefields are empty, there is aftermath to war. We cannot neglect to remember the broken bodies, the broken minds and the broken families that require the continued attention of a grateful nation.”

As commander of the department of Indiana Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States — the largest combat veterans organization within the state — we urged Ed Clere as well as all the state representatives in Indiana to remove that part of the bill that would slash the fee remission.

Clere and 56 other members of the state House of Representatives said no to the children of disabled veterans of Indiana. Let’s say no to Ed on Nov. 6.

— Chuck Simons, New Albany, past commander of Indiana Veterans of Foreign Wars [2011-12]

Man asks for voters to support Matthews

Dave Matthews has been a great leader for our Republican Party. He is a leader in his church and our community.

What we need as our next Floyd County commissioner is someone who knows how to lead ... not just get along. Dave is that man.

He will not be afraid to take on the toughest challenges yet know when it is time to listen and offer good compromises for the general benefit of everyone. Dave has always had the talent and communication skills to bring people together and come up with innovative, fresh solutions to problems.

I know that Floyd County won’t be sorry they elect Dave as their newest commissioner. I plan to vote for Dave on Nov. 6 and would encourage everyone else in Floyd County to do the same.

— Ron Schad, New Albany

Reader responds to letter backing GOP

I would like to respond John Kettler of Greenville on his letter to the editor published Oct. 10, responding to a letter from another reader criticizing the platform of the Republican Party.

I was out of town when the letter he was referring to was written, therefore I didn’t have the opportunity to read it. However, I did read Kettler’s letter and I must say that his take on recent political history was nonsensical and out-of-touch.

I think he must also be living in a cave while drinking from the fermented salvaged Tea Party juice that was poured into Boston Harbor in 1773.

— Charlie Gregory, Charlestown