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October 9, 2013



Reader responds to hoops jeer

I usually don’t respond to a lot of nonsense, but his time I’m going to make an exception. This incident is not about me. It’s about a young man who as wrongly put into the “Jeers”  of your Cheers and Jeers section of your paper.

I realize small-minded people have a very small mindset. So to all you tiny people who went on Clark County Chatter and posted negative comments, and also for those who tried to escalate the matter ever further, I’m going to condense the facts for you.

An opposing player in a girls’ elementary basketball game referenced in the Sept. 14-15 Cheers and Jeers was dribbling down court with her elbow extended striking our player in the chest. After the third or fourth time, the assistant said, “That’s a foul.” The referee told him to sit down. The assistant replied, “You’ve got to call that.”

The referee called a technical and said, “If you don’t sit down I’m gonna throw you out.” The assistant replied, “Just call it fair.” He was them asked to leave.

He left the gym and that was the end of it. So to all you tiny-minded people who feed on drama and half-truth’s, grow up. But, I guess it really is a small world after all.

— Kerry Murrell, Jeffersonville

Reader: Principal, staff deserved mention

The Tribune article of Sept. 28 “Fairmont earns Blue Ribbon designation” doesn’t even cite the name of the principal, Susie Gahan, or any names of her staff who make Fairmont an award-winning school.

The article would have been much better if the writer had gone to the school and interviewed Ms. Gahan and her staff instead of interviewing administrators who are not involved in the day to day interactions and accomplishments of the students.  

— Vicki Meredith, Lanesville

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