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September 17, 2012


Reader wonders, ‘Where is the outrage?’

We should be concerned about the food we put in our children’s bodies, but where is the concern for what we put in their minds and hearts?

I agree we need to educate children and parents on how to eat healthy balanced diets and to exercise regularly. I am not convinced this can be legislated, but must be more of an education program directed to the public. Obesity has become a serious problem in this nation and we can do better.

But what about the concern for what we put into our children’s minds and hearts. Look at the shows on TV early in the evening, the music our children listen to and what is available on the Internet. Look at the example our leaders set: A president participates in oral sex with a young female intern, a vice president use obscenity in public.

Our first family watches shows like “Modern Family” and “Glee,” and has the cast to the White House. Do you know what these shows promote. Do your care?

All of these types of media are filled with violence toward one another, sexual violence toward women, sexual activity at any age, pornography and so much more. Where is the concern and outrage at this? Is it any wonder that our young people disregard most authority figures, our schools are failing in the world, sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent and bullying and other violence is increasing?

I am a grandmother who is outraged by what I see. I am an American citizen concerned for the future of our children and our country.

Where is our moral compass? So again I ask, where is the outrage?

— Winnie Walker, Jeffersonville

Support for Jacob’s Well urged

Why when good people in a community try to help others, why do people usually pop-up to halt a worthwhile good for the community? I am on the mission team at Wesley Chapel Methodist Church in New Albany. Our Missions are local. Jacob’s Well is just one of the many missions we have in our community.

Our mission team went to Utica to see a good staff helping women and families for them to build a life for themselves. The staff came to the church for a Jacob’s Well day to meet our team and congregation where they were given funds needed.

Your community should be proud to have Jacob’s Well providing hope for these lives.

— Don Belcher, Clarksville

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