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August 6, 2013


Economic development is a team sport

With American Fuji Seal Inc. choosing River Ridge Commerce Center as the site for its $20 million, 84,000-square-foot plant, One Southern Indiana, the local economic development organization for Clark and Floyd Counties, could not be more excited.

This international company that produces labeling for consumer products will be an exciting and dynamic addition to the diverse commerce that makes up Southern Indiana’s business environment. The new capital being invested, the new jobs being created and the added annual payroll are a welcomed addition to our regional economy.

Economic development is a team sport. 1si would be remiss if we did not recognize and thank the members of the team who worked in tandem to bring this project to reality in Southern Indiana. Many people and organizations collaborated with the same goal in mind: To ensure southern Indiana put its best foot forward when attracting American Fuji Seal to our area.

• Beginning with our state team at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, the project was handled by an orchestrated band of professionals from the onset.

• The folks at the city of Jeffersonville have been incredibly supportive of our economic development efforts and this project proved to be no exception. We thank the mayor, his staff and the members of the city council for their commitment to new jobs and economic growth in their city.

• We owe a debt of gratitude to the experts at River Ridge Commerce Center and the members of the River Ridge Development Authority for their vision and willingness to make the process as “user friendly” as possible for American Fuji Seal.

1si acknowledges and appreciates the many hours of work and meetings that have taken place since we received that initial phone call from American Fuji Seal in July of last year. A lot of dedicated people deserve much of the credit for bringing these jobs and this investment to Southern Indiana.

But mostly we want to thank American Fuji Seal for choosing Southern Indiana as the place to meet its growing business needs — and for providing new opportunities to our residents.

We are confident the company will achieve all of its goals with its new location.

— Wendy Dant Chesser, President, One Southern Indiana

Where’s the truth in the Camm trial?

Another trial is about to begin for David Camm. I had hoped that once and for all justice would be served, but it seems highly unlikely.

First off, the prosecution is refusing to allow the jury to hear about all of the times Charles Boney committed crimes against women — even though those crimes do show that he has a foot fetish, and he did stomp Kim’s feet and place her shoes on top of the Bronco.

Of the many different versions of truth the jury and the public have heard in this case, it looks like we may have to hear a third scenario.

Remember the last trial, the story was that Camm and Boney had conspired, that Boney went to the Camm residence to sell David a gun, Camm shot his family then turned the gun on Boney, but it jammed. Camm went back in the house to get another gun, and rather than run, Boney went in the garage and looked in on the victims and placed Kim’s shoes on the Bronco before escaping. Remember the conspiracy charge was dropped, and not one witness could place Camm and Boney together.

As I typed this, a hearing was going on in Spencer County to keep new DNA evidence out of the third trial; DNA evidence that would have proven Camm did not commit the crime in the first place.

An expert was in Spencer County testifying that Boney left DNA behind on the shirt of Jill Camm as well as the underwear and sleeve of Kim Camm’s shirt. Why would the prosecution fight to exclude this information from the ears of the jury?

Simple, it does not make a bit of sense along with the stories they have made up to tell us over the past 13 years. We have went from Camm committed this crime alone, when the prosecutor failed to test a sweatshirt, to it was a conspiracy.

We are paying for these trials, is it not way past time we were told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

— Kathy Heil, Elizabeth