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June 6, 2013



Pleadings of poverty will not be tolerated in the wake of supposed quality-of-life millions spent elsewhere. It’s time to build upon those successes we’ve managed to achieve, and get the city’s streets right, BEFORE the toll evaders start zipping through.


— Roger Baylor, New Albany


Reader: Surely Obama knew

Four decades back, I worked for a great individual for a large computer manufacturer. One day, I received some information which I thought would be detrimental to us with regard to a large customer. 

Amazingly, when I presented it to my boss, he just took it in stride. Later on, he spoke to me about the incident. He said one of the things he needed to effectively manage was having his people keep him informed in a timely matter of various events and conditions. Negative information in particular should be given to him immediately, so he can address it.

This brings to mind several events that any person with common sense would realize.  President Barack Obama copied President Truman’s slogan and said, “the buck stops here.” With that, let’s examine some of the current scandals.

With 13 attacks and four requests for additional security in Libya, Hillary Clinton actually reduced the security level. President Obama may not have been aware of this, but both him and Clinton most assuredly are responsible for the Nixioian cover-up in Benghazi. 

With the military service chiefs’ jobs on the line, they must parrot the administration talking points. So, it’s not surprising they deny ample evidence to show they refused help when the attack occurred but then as Hillary said, “What does it matter?”

Now remember, the president receives a daily briefing on all germane activities and plans. With him and Eric Holder joined at the hip along with Obama’s penchant for detecting security leaks and ... since the buck stops with him ... there is little doubt he knew about the AP surveillance and the James Rosen affair.

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