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October 8, 2013



Hospital worker: Thanks for help during main break

We at Clark Memorial Hospital wish to thank everyone who helped with the water main break we experienced Sept. 19 and the Jeffersonville Fire Department for providing a truck and personal to make sure we had fire protection.

Thanks to Mike McCutcheon, who kept in contact with us and the water company all day to make sure we had fire equipment here all day, to the Clark County Street Department who got in touch with the Sellersburg Fire department to get us water to keep our air conditioner units running, to the Sellersburg Fire Department for getting us 2,000 gallons of water in a very short time.

A special thanks to the water company for getting water back on as quickly as possible. A special thanks to our employees who kept all areas with water on the inside to keep us operating, together with everyone’s help we got through with very disruptions to our patients, visitors and employees.

— Dan Christensen, plumber, Clark Memorial Hospital

Reader: A quote to live by

“You are not supposed to love the world. Nor are you suppose to love the wordly things of this world.

Loving thy family yes, and thy neighbor. But most of all, love your Father God, for he comes first in you life, as it should be.

‘See’ God is King of all living things. He comes first in your life, and you should put him first, above all things on this Earth. Amen

— Stephen Espy, Jeffersonville

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