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August 22, 2013


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — I was at the State Street Kroger recently doing my daily shopping and was engaged in a conversation with an acquaintance. The subject of our conversation turned to the sometimes sour issues of politics.

My friend began a somewhat “far right” digression about the abuses of some of our more unfortunate citizens who rely on various government assistance program. I am a voting Republican and typically vote for the party on the federal and state levels. However, when it comes to local elections, I vote for who I think will serve the area best regardless of party affiliation.

While we were talking, I recognized a gentleman looking over some produce a few feet away. I recognized him as he is our State Representative, Ed Clere. Although I have voted for him, I had never met Mr. Clere before. I walked up, introduced myself and informed my acquaintance that the gentleman I was asking to join our discussion was our state representative.

My friend had no clue who he was until I informed him and Mr. Clere acknowledged the fact. Mr. Clere took 10 minutes of his shopping time to answer questions I posed, while my friend stood and listened to Mr. Clere responses.

I found Mr. Clere to be very sincere and engaging. At the end of our talk, Mr. Clere gave me his state representative card and wrote his personal cell phone number on the back. He invited me to call him anytime I had a question or issued and we went our separate ways.

I just fell compelled to write and share this with News and Tribune readers and to publicly thank Mr. Clere. Keep up the good work, Mr. Clere and thanks again for your time. I come away from this encounter convinced I had voted for the right candidate.

— Roger Kinder, New Albany

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