News and Tribune

November 14, 2012


— Precinct workers gives post-election thanks

I want to thank the voters of Jeffersonville Precinct 13 for their patience on Election Day.

We had some people arrive before the polls opened and even some after the polls closed. Our voters had to wait while we unjammed the voting machine as well as when our power went out. Our election officers, Brenda Cartright, Shannon Glover, Susan Reid, Mary Riedley and myself, answered literally hundreds of questions and directed folks to the proper poll locations. Our election officers kept their good humor in spite of short tempers and impatient voters.

Our officials put the voters needs and concerns first, always acting in a professional manner. I especially want to thank Brenda Cartright for buying a roll of “I voted” stickers, at personal expense. These stickers were in great demand by the voters at all three precincts at Jeffersonville High School. While we had almost 800 voters Brenda gave out almost 1,000 stickers.

To the voters — thank you for making the effort to exercise your right to vote.

To the election officials of Jeff 13, thank you for your service, I was proud to have worked with you.

— Rick Condon, Jeffersonville