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November 28, 2012



Reader: Ban lobbyists, install term limits

The Tea Party cries for a balanced budget amendment. What we need is an amendment to ban lobbyists. They bribe our crooked politicians which favor the rich, not for country.

Our soldiers are fighting to protect their bankrolls, not our country. They have passed laws so they can rule like dictators. Maybe we need an Arab Spring here to take back our country. The are incapable to doing what is best for country because they are filled with their own greed.

We need an amendment doing away with their big fat pensions. Let they pay into Social Security. We need term limits. Two terms and out. We don’t need lifers in our government.

We need people who will do what is best for all the people — not laws to suppress the will of the people. The House is a perfect example of this. We need an amendment not to pledge to raise taxes on the wealthy. Without the 47 percent, you would not be rich.

— George L. Dorman, Clarksville

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