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December 11, 2012



Don’t like water rates? Capture your own

Sellersburg’s water rates could double. Are you mad as hell, Sellersburg?

Let it be righteous anger agreeable unto God.

The governing bureaucratic men went to charge the people of Sellersburg for water. The God of Heaven made the water and it is free. Whom do you follow, fallible lying men whose motive is to sink Sellersburg into deficit?

My grandparents and yours thirsted for water when this land was virgin. They fell trees to build houses and dug cisterns. Are we any more or less than they?

 With every natural cloudburst there are pennies falling from Heaven. These are the same rain drops that replenish the rivers, lakes, wells and cisterns, and that those bureaucratic men feel righted to charge you for.

Be of good cheer and catch for yourselves those pennies form Heaven that flow from your rooftops down the pipe into a rain barrel you have provided or to fill a recently dug cistern. Bear the soul of your pioneering grandparents and use the natural water that God himself provided for free.

— Leroy Heil, Jeffersonville

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