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December 12, 2012


Animal hospital gives notice of parking changes

To our clients and neighbors:

We want to make you aware of changes in our parking lot traffic pattern. For years, motorists have used the adjacent space between our rear Plank Road entrance/exit and the Wash-O-Rama car wash next door as a pass-through to avoid a traffic light. The ownership of Wash-O-Rama, with justification, has decided that this is an unsafe condition for their customers and employees, and has closed the common border between our properties, thereby shutting off through-traffic.

For obvious safety reasons, Eastside Animal Hospital’s team members, clients, and pets can ill afford a new pass-through traffic pattern going right past our front door, which would include driving the wrong way on a one-way passage. We have therefore temporarily closed our back entrance until we can put appropriate signage and speed bumps in place to discourage future through-traffic activity.

For now, the best way to visit us is via our front 10th Street entrance, and we look forward to seeing you.

— David Strong, business manager, Eastside Animal Hospital, Jeffersonville

It’s time to start over with our government

Our Congress is now facing a fiscal cliff. They also have made a pledge to Grover Norquist not to raise taxes. This is the same as a bribe of our officials. The same is true of lobbyists, which makes them rich, and sways how they vote.

You congressmen and women take an oath of office to do the work of the people — not just the 1 percent. Maybe you forget if the government fails the people, the people have the inalienable right to abolish this government and institute a new one. I think it is time for that to happen.

We The People need to set term limits, set their salaries, do away with that fat pension they receive for not doing our will. Have them pay into Social Security. Make their health care Medicare as the rest of us have.

It is time to throw them all out and start fresh. The new Constitution needs an oath that which includes all of these measures. That way, they will be more inclined to do the will of all the people.

— George L. Dorman, Clarksville

Animals, shelters also in need this time of year

In this time of giving, please don’t forget the animals. The local no-kill shelter,

Animal Protection Association, is in dire need of a new washer and monetary donations.

APA is in need of volunteers to work at the shelter, which is located at 702 E. 11th Street, or the thrift store at 146 Spring St. We are always in need of volunteers and foster homes for cats and dogs.

Our wish list includes things such as scoopable cat liter, canned cat or canned dog food (no dry please,) laundry detergent, paper towels, dish detergent, rubber gloves or cat and dog toys, a van and of course, cash.

All donations will benefit the Animal Protection Association (APA) of Jeffersonville, an all volunteer 501(c)3 animal shelter.

— Linda Williams, Jeffersonville

Reader seeks cooperation, understanding in politics

Dear Republican friends,

Get a grip. Not all of us who voted for President Barack Obama were influenced by Marxist glory, or flower power or the desire to masticate the Republican Party.

Some of us are just garden-variety Democrats who also voted for Republicans we happened to like. Losing a presidential election does not mean that the Republican Party is powerless. They still have everything they had before Nov. 6 — strongholds in several states, state governments (Indiana for example) and many local governments. Its leaders still have their enormous wealth and their leadership positions in business and society.

It seems to be true that the United States is headed in a different direction, whether its for better or worse, only time will tell. The world is changing. Technology, immigration, new ideas and the forces beyond our control might cause our country to go far left on some issues and to the extreme right on others.

Calling each other bad names doesn’t seen to be helpful. We need to work together to keep our country that best in the world, Bipartianship, tripartianship and nonpartisanship, it seems to me, should go a long way toward keeping a strong democratic government that is the light of the world.

— Flora Clipper, Jeffersonville