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November 18, 2012

Jeffersonville murder case leads to plea deal

Proposed plea agreement filed in 2011 murder; not yet accepted


JEFFERSONVILLE — A Jeffersonville man charged with murder has signed a plea agreement stemming from a fatal shooting in 2011.

Joseph Mayes, 48, of 213 Kopp Ave., is charged with shooting 46-year-old Anthony Redd, of Jeffersonville.

Jeffersonville Police found Redd’s remains in his black Chevrolet pick up truck on the evening of Oct. 22, 2011.

The proposed plea agreement was filed Thursday in the Clark County Clerk’s Office, and it strikes all previous charges and includes Mayes pleading guilty to one count voluntary manslaughter, a class A felony.

According to the unofficial plea, “Upon [Mayes] guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter, the State of Indiana shall recommend the imposition of a 50 year sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction, with 20 years suspended upon strict terms of probation.”

The plea agreement has not been finalized and is subject to modification until review by Clark County Circuit Court No. 1 Judge Daniel Moore and a plea sentencing hearing expected to take place in about 30 days.

An autopsy revealed that Redd died Oct. 21, 2011, after he was shot four times in the head and face.

The shooting took place during a robbery near Mayes’ home.

Several days after the shooting, Mayes was charged with murder, habitual offender, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury (conspiracy to commit), both class A felonies.

Mayes is believed to have committed the robbery with his niece, Katrina Baker, 26, who shared a residence with him.

During Jeffersonville police’s investigation of the murder, Baker admitted to investigators having a sexual relationship with Redd. She told police she arranged a drug transaction the night of his death and had discussed with Mayes what Redd would have in his possession.

Moments before Redd was killed, he picked up Baker from her home.

“When [Baker] went outside, she got into the passenger seat of Redd’s truck and he drove a short distance around to the alley on the west side of the house,” according Baker’s statements documented in the affidavit. “She bent over the center console to perform oral sex on his exposed penis when Mayes approached the truck at the driver’s window.”

The affidavit continues that Mayes asked Redd if he had any pills, and Redd said he did not.

“Mayes pointed his gun into the window opening and fired several shots into the face of Anthony Redd,” according to the report.

During the  police investigation, Baker was arrested and booked into the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex on Oct. 24, 2011. She was charged with robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury (conspiracy to commit), both A felonies. Baker is scheduled to appear in Clark County Circuit Court No. 1 on Dec. 17 for a final pretrial conference.

A guilty conviction of two A felonies carries a maximum prison sentence of 100 years.

Mayes was arrested two days later by Jeffersonville police and has remained in the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex since.

The plea agreement’s terms of probation include Mayes abide to all criminal laws; maintain full-time employment, make a good-faith effort to find employment or pursue a course of study or vocational training; remain in Clark County or boarding counties, unless provided permission; submit to various toxicology tests immediately upon request of probation officials; not possess or use any firearm or ammunition; not use or possess controlled substances or other mood-altering substances, unless prescribed by a physician.