News and Tribune

April 5, 2014

Help us help you Save the Date


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Here’s an all-too-common scenario: Back-to-back events, dates of good causes being stepped on by dates of other good causes, and innocent conflicts that stretch the time and money of people in the community who want to support as many events as possible.

All these elements have prompted us to respond to the public’s need to know dates for annual events well ahead of time.

The News and Tribune is launching a “Save the Date” column this weekend, which will appear in our print editions the first weekend of each month and contain just basic information about events that already have been scheduled. We invite you to submit your information to be included as well.

Here’s how it works: Submit just the day, date, time, name of your event, place, sponsoring organization, contact name and number, and website for more information. Email it to, and be sure to tell us whom to contact if we have questions.

The listings will appear chronologically as they do in this first column, and events will be deleted as they happen to make room for new listings. Space simply does not allow us to list more details, but this will serve the main purpose well and let people know as they schedule their own events.

This column is for nonprofits only and is intended to list only major annual events. Again, because of space restrictions, we cannot list monthly or routine activities here.

In collecting information for this first column, we have heard repeatedly that groups want and need to know about dates into 2015 already. We know that major events’ venues and participants must sometimes be scheduled a year or more in advance. Hopefully this column will be a service as groups consider their future dates.

Please let us hear from you, and thank you for letting us know how we may better support you through this new, free service.