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April 18, 2013

New Albany retiree claims $1M Powerball prize

Jeffersonville $1M Powerball hit from April 10 still unclaimed



One of two recent million-dollar Powerball hits in Southern Indiana has been claimed. 

Jane Cobb of New Albany claimed a $1 million prize from the April 13 Powerball drawing. Cobb and her husband George purchased their winning ticket at Kroger at 200 New Albany Plaza.

As they picked up their winnings at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis Wednesday, Jane Cobb recalled the moment when she discovered her win. It was Sunday morning and her husband was in the bathroom shaving while Jane checked their Powerball tickets in the living room.

“I saw we matched three numbers, so I started for the bathroom to tell my husband we got three numbers and then, in the hallway, I realized we had matched four,” said Jane Cobb in a Hoosier Lottery press release. “By the time I got to the bathroom where George was, we had five numbers.”

Jane Cobb said part of the fun of winning was watching local TV news coverage of the as-yet-unclaimed $1 million Kroger win, all the time knowing she was holding the winning ticket.

“We wanted to tell someone so bad we just couldn’t stand it,” said Jane, who finally broke down and told family members Tuesday evening. “What has thrilled me as much as anything is calling everybody and telling them. It’s a real charge. It tickles us both so much. We called everybody together and took turns talking.”

The Cobbs are both retired — George from General Electric and Jane from Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services where she worked in finance for more than 30 years. Playing Powerball is part of their weekly grocery shopping routine. They always buy their tickets at Kroger and always play the same set of numbers which are hand-picked by Jane and represent family members’ birthdays, according to the release.

The two say they have no plans to make any big changes to their lifestyle.

“We had a pretty decent life before we won,”  George said. “Now it’ll be a little nicer.”

“Now we can splurge a little,” Jane said. “It’s the smaller things that will make us have a happier, easier life.”

The April 13 winning numbers were: 10-12-31-56-57 PB: 33.  

A Powerball ticket purchased at Circle K at 3830 Hamburg Pike in Jeffersonville — nine miles from the Kroger at 200 New Albany Plaza — is also worth $1 million as a result of the April 10 drawing. That prize has not yet been claimed. The April 10 winning numbers were: 1-36-40-52-53 PB:20.