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July 11, 2013



JPD finds suspect in business

While Jeffersonville Police Department detectives were at S&S Brothers Jewelry and Repair on East 10th Street Monday investigating a theft possibly committed by John Hensley, 35, address unknown, their suspect walked into the front door of the business.

JPD Detective Todd Hollis, one of the investigators in the business at the time, said he recognized Hensley as a person of interest and later determined he had arrived at the jewelry store in a stolen vehicle.

Hensley was taken into custody at the business and transported to JPD for questioning.

Hensley is believed to be involved in four home burglaries in Jeffersonville, Hollis said.

Hollis said the cases remain open as police are attempting to locate the proper owners of property found on Henley’s person and in the stolen car he was driving.

Hensley has been preliminarily charged with four counts residential burglary and four counts conspiracy to commit burglary, all class B felonies, and D felony automobile theft.


Police: Intoxicated woman drives into yard

The Clarksville Police Department responded to a home in the 1600 block of McTavish Drive about 9 p.m. July 3 in response to a report of a vehicle that had been driven into the yard of residence.

The homeowner reported there was a woman, later identified as Leah Hodges, 23, of 108 Orchard Hills Drive, Jeffersonville, walking around the vehicle with no shoes on, police reported.

“Upon arrival the female was inside her vehicle attempting to back out of the yard when I pulled in behind her,” according to the report.

The officer noted in the report, “It was very apparent that [Hodges] was on some type of narcotics due to the fact that she could not control her body movements and her arms and feet were jumping all around.”

The officer also saw Hodges with needle marks and bruising on her arms.

As Hodges stepped from the vehicle, the officer noted, “... I could see what appeared to be the end of a hypodermic needle sticking out of the edge of her bra, which could be seen outside of her tank top.”

After given consent by Hodges, police searched the vehicle and discovered in her wallet a used syringe without a cap containing a small liquid.

Hodges told the officer that she had shot up methamphetamine about an hour earlier.

Police also found several prescription pills in the vehicle. 

Officers reported due to Hodges’ impairment, field sobriety tests could not be safely conducted.

“She continued sitting down, stating that she could not stand for very long and officers had to lean against her vehicle to keep her from sitting down or falling down.”

After being taken to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex, a female corrections officer found another used syringe containing a small amount of methamphetamine in Hodges’ bra.

Hodges was preliminarily charged with possession of methamphetamine, a class B felony; possession of controlled substance, a class C felony; legend act violation, possession of needle or syringe, residential entry and operating while intoxicated, all class D felonies.


Good Samaritan’s action leads to arrest

Jeffersonville police arrested Thomas Leffler, 30, of 821 Fulton St., after responding to his home on a battery call July 3. 

Police had received a call from a woman who was dropping a friend off at a nearby home.

The woman reported to police that she heard another woman screaming for help and realized the screaming was coming from a nearby home. The woman went to the home where she found the front door open. When she looked inside, she reported finding a man, later identified as Leffler, in the act of beating a woman as her 3-year-old son was trying to stop Heffler’s attack.

“[The woman] immediately went inside and brought the small child to safety and then dialed 911,” according to the police report.

When police arrived Leffler was found standing in the living room of the home. Police reported it was immediately apparent Leffler was intoxicated.

“When asked what was going on [Leffler] stated, ‘nothing,’ and acted very casual,” according to the report.

Officers then spoke with the allegedly battered woman and her child.

When the child saw the officer, he immediately said, “He beat up my momma,” according to the report.

Police noted it was obvious the woman had been through a “traumatic experience, as she was timid and very reluctant to speak.”

She later told police Leffler had started a verbal argument while she was in the shower, and he then became physically abusive by throwing her against walls and putting her into a “full rear choke hold.” 

She reported he then threw her on the ground and continued beating her, at which time the child tried to pull Leffler off his mother and the bystander entered the home and secured the child.

Leffler was preliminarily charged with domestic battery.


Heroin deal near Little League fields

The Clarksville Police Department reported witnessing a controlled heroin transaction on Eastern Boulevard about 2 p.m. July 3.

Quantell Breed, 24, of Louisville, had arranged to bring one gram of heroin in exchange for $200.

The drug deal took place across from Clarksville Little League where children were visible, police reported.

Breed told the buyer the heroin was next to his car and to leave the money, according to the police report.

The buyer picked up the heroin and left the money, and Breed was seen retrieving the $200. 

Police standing by initiated a traffic stop on the Chevrolet passenger car Breed was driving moments after he had left the area.

“As we were stopping the car, I could see the driver Quantell [Breed] trying to push something out the window,” according to the police report. “When he stopped, the plastic bag with one gram of off-white rocky substance was stuck to the window.”

The substance later tested positive as heroin, police reported. 

During the traffic stop Breed was also found in possession of the $200 used in the controlled drug deal and a plastic bag of crack cocaine.

Breed was preliminarily charged with class A felony dealing in cocaine or narcotic drug, two counts class B felony possession of cocaine or narcotic drug and class D felony maintaining a common nuisance.


52 syringes seized during traffic stop

After making a traffic stop on a vehicle for failing to use a turn signal July 3, Clarksville police officers seized 52 syringes and six burnt spoons as evidence.

According to the police report, the vehicle was traveling on Lewis and Clark Parkway and the stop was made at a pawn shop parking lot.

Once the vehicle was stopped, Dennis Pittman, 25, of Corydon, left the backseat and hurriedly walked to the pawn shop, police reported.

The officer hollered at Pittman who then stopped and talked to the officer.

The officer noted that Pittman appeared to be under the influence of drugs and had “very serious track marks on his arms from using heroin.”

Pittman told the officer he had heroin needles in a bag in the back seat of the vehicle. He said the items were his and that other people in the vehicle had no knowledge of the illegal materials.

“During the search, officers retrieved a bag full of syringes as well as a marijuana cigarette in a cigarette pack inside the bag,” according to the report.

Police reported Pittman alerted them to the syringes because he did not want an officer getting poked during the vehicle search.

Pittman was preliminarily charged with possession of a needle or syringe, a class D felony, and possession of paraphernalia and possession of marijuana, both class A misdemeanors.