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January 29, 2013

New websites coming for Jeffersonville Parks Authority

Security plan approved for Vissing Park


JEFFERSONVILLE — Jeffersonville’s parks department will have a new place to showcase its parks and events.

The Jeffersonville Parks Authority Board approved a proposal to launch a new parks department website through ProMedia, the city’s communications provider. A proposal was previously offered at a parks authority meeting, but before any approvals were granted the board members requested additional bids be sought.

Parks Director Paul Northam said he requested a bid from one other company, which did not offer a response.

The proposal from ProMedia would included a one-time payment of $7,850 to create the parks department website. 

“With all of our content, the 26 some odd parks we have, the six or so facilities we have, all of the special events we have going on, I just feel like the city’s website couldn’t do it justice,” he said.

An offer in the proposal also included developing a separate website for the RiverStage that would cost $3,250 and Smokin’ on the River as a third website at a cost of $3,750. The total cost was $14,850 and did not include an annual fee of $200 per month for upkeep. For three websites the cost would total $600 per month.

But the parks authority questioned whether or not there was a need for three separate websites.

Northam added that ProMedia had said the RiverStage and Smokin’ on the River sites could be included under the parks department proposal at no additional cost.

Sara Schutz, assistant superintendent of special events and RiverStage, said she would like to at least keep RiverStage as a separate website, and the Smokin’ on the River could be included in that site.

“That’s kind of my preference,” said Parks Authority President Ed Zastawny. “I think we’ve got enough going on at RiverStage that it would garner its own website and its own hits.”

The parks authority approved only the parks authority website 7-0, with board members Dennis Julius and Bryan Glover absent from Monday’s meeting, and requested that Northam discuss with ProMedia whether or not the other two websites could be combined into one site.


Securing Vissing Park

The board also agreed to move forward with installing a $147,500 security package at Vissing Park.

When the plan was previously presented to the board, Parks Authority Attorney Scott Lewis suggested the board seek at least three bids for the security equipment.

Northam said he contacted a total of five companies, but received no additional quotes for the security package.

“We had a bid opening last Wednesday and nobody showed up,” he said.

Northam explained that he contacted four additional companies, three of which — Martco Inc., Simplex Grinnell and C and H Security Inc. — declined to submit an offer and a fourth, Standard Security Systems, did not respond to the request.

With the process complete, the parks authority board agreed to award the security package to Security Pros for $147,500 plus a $1,600 per month charge for services. 

The plan would install cameras and a motion-sensor alert system, and the price includes the equipment and the installation. The infrastructure to allow for a wi-fi system to be set up in the park has already been installed in order to install the security equipment and would minimize the cost for the city if the park is made a wi-fi hot spot in the future.

While the board members supported the security system, they still needed to find a source of money to pay for the system to be installed. The agreement was approved contingent upon determining a funding source with City Controller Monica Harmon.

As Vissing Park’s security plans move forward the parks authority also began to address additional safety questions in reference to the park.

A determination was made at Monday’s meeting to not allow alcohol in the park at any time, including during adult softball leagues. The parks authority board directed Lewis to draft a resolution to that effect, with the exception of RiverStage.


Committees formed

Two committees were formed Monday to help determine the details of two upcoming parks projects.

The first committee, which will consist of parks authority Board Members Mike Smith and Lisa Gill, will look to address the permanent mooring of the RiverStage. 

Smith explained that spudwells would be added to the back side of the RiverStage which would allow it to act essentially as a floating dock. The estimated cost to install the posts is $54,400.

Northam said by permanently securing the RiverStage to the riverfront, the city would save on storage costs after four years.

Josh Hillman, engineer with Jacobi, Toombs and Lanz Inc., said the permanent docking of the RiverStage is also part of the permit application to move the floating stage about 50 feet down river that has been submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The committee agreed to investigate the cost and procedures to secure the barge.

A second committee comprised of Board Members Nathan Samuel, Matt Owen and Zastawny will work out the details of a preliminary agreement with Clark County Soccer Association to construct a multi-sports complex off Charlestown Pike.

The preliminary plan is that the soccer association would donate the land and the city would construct the complex on the site. Before any other plans move forward, the board expressed its desire to share its proposal with the neighbors of the complex first, then offer the plan to the general public.

A tentative meeting was set for 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 11, to have the neighbors come and view an animation of the site prepared by architecture firm Kovert Hawkins in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 500 Quartermaster Court in Jeffersonville.


Leadership chosen

The parks authority chose its leadership for 2013 at the outset of its meeting. Zastawny was chosen to serve as the board’s president and Matt Owen was chosen to serve as the vice president.