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February 14, 2013

Dispute among neighbors results in arrest


NEW ALBANY — Police arrested a man for possession of 47 grams of marijuana and resisting arrest at a New Albany duplex after responding to a dispute between neighbors.

Marvin Price, 36, of 1414 Silver St., was charged in a Floyd County court after his arrest.

New Albany Police Department officers responded to the duplex after receiving a call from Price’s neighbor that he had been making threats toward her throughout the day. The woman told police Price had threatened her because she had called police earlier in the day about loud music coming from his adjoining home, which is separated by two doors and a small walkway.

“She said Price had been banging on this inside door which separated the homes and threatened her while she was trying to sleep,” according to the police report.

Police reported that after an officer knocked on Price’s door, he quickly stepped out and shut the door behind him. He told police that he was intoxicated and had been hosting a party and playing music loudly. Price also said that his neighbor was harassing him because she was jealous that he was dating another woman, and she wanted to get him into trouble.

“He stated he had not threatened [his neighbor] and would not knock on her door,” according to statements Price gave police.

Several officers then waited outside the duplex “to ensure peace due to the numerous calls to the address already,” according to the report.

Police reported after about three minutes, officers heard a loud banging from inside the duplex and a man yelling. The female neighbor then ran from her home and told police Price was banging on her door.

The officer reported overhearing Price say, “[Expletive], I will kill you if you keep calling the police.”

Police then opened a door between the homes and saw Price standing in the walkway. 

An officer then told Price that he needed to speak with him, to which Price replied, “no,” and stepped inside his home.

“I grabbed the sleeve of Price, and he slammed the door into my arm and foot which were in the doorway,” the officer reported.

With a foot wedged in the doorway, the officer told Price to open the door, but he continued to push it shut and caused the bottom of the door to break, police reported.

Price then exited the home and was taken into custody in the front yard after a brief struggle.

Officers then returned to Price’s home and spoke with a woman there who allowed police to enter the residence. Police found in a bedroom of the home a clear, plastic bag containing what appeared to be marijuana. 

Price was charged in court with maintaining a common nuisance and possession of marijuana, both class D felonies, and resisting law enforcement, a class A misdemeanor.

A $25,000 court-cash bond was set during a hearing in Floyd County Superior Court No. 1. 

Court records had not been updated with his next court appearance as of press time.