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December 18, 2013

Repeat battery offender faces new charges in Floyd County

Taxicab driver delivers beaten victim to deputy


FLOYDS KNOBS — The goodwill of an area taxicab driver led to the arrest of a Floyds Knobs man who reportedly battered his girlfriend and offered to sell drugs to a Floyd County Sheriff’s deputy during his arrest.

Jimmy Ray Koetter, 50, of St. Mary’s Road, has been charged with battery to a law enforcement officer resulting in bodily injury and resisting law enforcement, both class D felonies and battery resulting in bodily injury, a class A misdemeanor.

Court records show the incident is only the last in a history of Koetter acting out violently toward law enforcement officials and others.

According to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office report of the incident, a deputy on Paoli Pike about 4 a.m. Tuesday was approached by a taxicab with a battered woman inside. The taxicab driver told the deputy he had recently picked up the woman from a location, later identified as Koetter’s home, and noticed her face was “bruised and swollen.”

The taxicab driver had seen the deputy along Paoli Pike while going to pick up the woman and decided to report her injuries after he had her in his vehicle. The deputy reported the woman was intoxicated and reported that her boyfriend, Koetter, had beat her after the two had been at a Floyds Knobs bar. The woman told the deputy that after driving to Koetter’s home from the bar, he had punched her in the head and face nearly 20 times with a closed fist while the two sat in the vehicle.

The woman was then taken to Floyd Memorial Hospital to receive treatment for her injuries, which included a broken nose.

Deputies then went to make contact with Koetter at his home. Koetter was found “highly intoxicated” and was asked to get out of bed. He also showed signs of recently being in a physical altercation, as he had “ ... swelling and what appeared to be blood on his hands,” according to the report.

He was then placed in handcuffs and read his Miranda rights. When asked if he understood his rights he said he did not. Koetter later said he understood his rights, but, “ ... still wouldn’t answer simple questions,” a deputy reported.

When asked what had happened before their arrival, Koetter told the deputies, “It is what it is.”

A deputy reported that while Koetter was being escorted to a FCSD vehicle to be taken to jail, “ ... Mr. Koetter asked me if I wanted to buy some dope.”

The bizarre inquiry was ignored, and Koetter made the same offer to the deputy, to which the deputy replied, “No, I [do] not.”

Koetter then became verbally and physically combative, and an altercation ensued that included him kicking a deputy with his “cowboy style” boots. The fight resulted in Koetter receiving a broken nose and fractured jaw, and he, too, was taken for hospitalization.

“Once he arrived at the hospital, he began making statements about how he wasn’t going to spend anytime in jail because of all the money he has,” according to the report. “He stated he always gets out of trouble no matter what he does.”

Deputies again questioned Koetter’s girlfriend and explained to her she was too intoxicated to provide an official statement, but he wanted to know what had taken place. Again, the woman reported Koetter had struck her approximately 20 times as she tried to defend herself and asked him to stop the assault.

Later, at the Floyd County Jail, Koetter was asked about the encounter and said, “ ... he didn’t remember anything from the incident and was unable to make any statements,” according to the report.

According the Floyd County Jail staff, Koetter remained in the facility as of Wednesday afternoon.

Koetter’s upcoming court date was not available on online court records as of press time.

Floyd County court records  reflect that Koetter was convicted in October of a class B misdemeanor failure to stop after an accident resulting in damage to an unattended vehicle.

In October 2011, he was charged with battery resulting in bodily injury, a class A misdemeanor, but the charge was later dismissed pursuant to a plea agreement.

In 2012, Koetter was convicted of two counts class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury and resisting law enforcement, all class A misdemeanors that occurred during a 2010 incident.