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February 19, 2013

Man charged in carjacking with mom in tow

Charlestown man threatens mother, forces her behind wheel


CHARLESTOWN — A Sellersburg man was arrested in Charlestown on Friday after he forced his mother to drive him around to look for his girlfriend whom he had assaulted earlier in the day, according to police.

Marcus Buba, 23, of 2407 Hover Court, faces two preliminary felony charges following the incident that ended with his arrest at Circle K in Charlestown.

Charlestown police were contacted about 6:20 p.m. Friday after Buba’s sister called 911 to report that her brother was forcing their mother to drive him around in a purple Chevrolet Malibu on Ind. 403 from Charlestown toward Sellersburg.

Buba’s mother and sister said that he was seen earlier in the day slamming his girlfriend’s face into a steering wheel of a car. After the reported physical assault, Buba went to his mother’s place of work and demanded she take him to Sellersburg to find his girlfriend, his mother told police. She was hoping she would be able to take her son to Sellersburg, drop him off and leave, the mother told police.

While in the vehicle, the mother spoke with her daughter, who called 911 to alert police the carjacking had taken place. The sister told police that she feared for her and her mother’s life, based on Buba’s abusive history, if something wasn’t done. The sister said that he had physically abused her and threatened her in the past, police reported.

As Buba and his mother were driving in the Malibu, he demanded that they stop to get ice for the injuries he caused to his girlfriend’s face, according to the mother’s statements.

She said after arriving at his girlfriend’s residence, Buba and his girlfriend began to argue and at one point,” ... [the girlfriend] came to her window and screamed at her for bringing Marcus [Buba] to her residence.”

The girlfriend then left the area, according to the report.

The mother said that her son continued to yell and scream and was becoming irate. She told police that she was in fear of what he might do and that he would make good on his threats. Buba then demanded that his mother follow his girlfriend in the vehicle, but they lost the girlfriend on the roadway, according to the report. The two then went to a Chase bank because Buba thought his girlfriend may have gone there to close her account.

The woman was found at the bank, and Marcus exited the Malibu.

“[The mother] advised that she then drove off and parked at a Rite Aid in an attempt to see if the police were going to arrive and take him to jail,” according to the report.

She then received a phone call from Buba to pick him up from Circle K. The mother went to the business, and Buba got into the vehicle.

“[The mother] advised that was when Marcus told her to get out of the car and that he had a knife,” according to the police report.

She told police that after refusing to exit the vehicle, her son removed the keys and again demanded she get out of the car.

“[The mother] advised that she was afraid that if she didn’t try to stay with [Buba], he would have taken the car and went to do harm to [his girlfriend],” police reported.

Buba returned the keys to his mother after she agreed to take him to a relative’s home.

She told police that she convinced her son to let her stop for cigarettes at Circle K and was hoping that police would show up. She told officers that at one point Buba said to her, “You better not be setting me up,” according to the police report. Police then arrived at the location and took Buba into custody. No weapons were found in the vehicle or in Buba’s possession.

Buba was then transported to Charlestown Police Department where his sister and mother were providing statements. 

“ ... Buba became irate and began to scream and what sounded like an attempt to pull the book-in bench from the wall,” according to the police report.

An officer then tried to calm him down.

“I spoke with Marcus [Buba] about his behavior, in which he advised he was upset for having to sit at the police department for so long and wanted to be transported to the jail,” the officer put into the report.

He also told police that they were “chasing ghosts,” and that no one would come to make a report against him.

Charlestown police officers had been notified by Sellersburg police Feb. 10 that Buba had made remarks that he intended on “forcing” law enforcement’s hand if he were ever taken into custody, and that he would come at officers with a knife in order to get himself killed.

Buba was preliminarily charged with carjacking, a class B felony, and intimidation, a class D felony, before being taken to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex in Jeffersonville.

He has yet to be officially charged, and court records do not reflect the time of his initial hearing.

According to court records, Buba is due in a Clark County court in April for a pending case in which he was charged with class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury in August.

In 2011, Buba pleaded guilty in Clark County to intimidation — threaten[ing] another with intent that they engage in conduct against will, a class A misdemeanor.

In October 2010, Buba was charged with A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury. The charge was taken under advisement, and an agreed resolution was met at a later date.

He also has other battery convictions.