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April 10, 2013

Historic home relocation plan approved by Jeffersonville public works

Four of five homes have new lots; search on for final location for fifth


JEFFERSONVILLE — Relocation plans for five historic homes in downtown Jeffersonville were approved by the Jeffersonville Board of Public Works on Wednesday.

As part of a settlement agreement reached between the National Trust for Historic Preservation, conservancy group River Fields Inc., the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Indiana Department of Transportation, the states’ transportation agencies agreed to dedicate $1.7 million to a historic preservation and enhancement fund.

The relocation of the five homes were given priority consideration for the funding and with a preference to be moved within Jeffersonville’s historic district.

All but one of the homes has a lot on which to locate and Douglas Herendeen, supervisor of right-of-way services for engineering firm Butler, Fairman and Seufert, presented the planned relocation site and time schedule for the moves.

A home at 502 W. Market St. will be moved to a lot at 310 Mechanic St.; a home at 432 W. Riverside Drive will be moved to lots 307 and 309 Pearl St.; and a house on 502 W. Riverside Drive will be moved to 411 W. Market St.

“These three houses are definite,” Herendeen said. “We have a place for them.”

The fourth home, 115 Fort St. is planned to be relocate at 409 E. Maple St. The home was previously slated to be moved to the lot, but because of an issue with moving the fifth home, 116 Fort St. planners attempted to swap out the two properties and locate 116 Fort St. on Maple.

However, Jeffersonville’s Board of Zoning Appeals denied a variance to move 116 Fort St. to the location, along with opposition from the Maple Street neighbors. As a result, the plan has reverted back to moving 115 Fort St. to the Maple Street location and planners will look for another lot for the 116 Fort St. house, Herendeen explained.

Two potential locations identified for 116 Fort St. are near the intersection of Mulberry and Maple streets or near the corner of Market Street and Meigs Avenue.

“It’s going to be on the fringe of the historical district,” Herendeen said.

He added another hurdle that the state will be facing in relocating the homes is the actual process of transporting the homes to their new locations.

“The biggest problem with moving these houses is the [flood]wall,” Herendeen said.

He explained the only opening in the flood wall that is wide enough for many of the homes to be transported through is on Spring Street. In addition, he said that the moves may require utility relocation and removal of some trees to be able to move the houses through.

“These houses have to be out of here by June 21,” Herendeen said.

The plan and timeline for the moves was unanimously approved.


The board of public works signed an agreement for the rest of the year to take its trash to the Clark-Floyd Landfill, LLC.

The agreement is dated from Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2013, is renewable on a year-to-year basis and is severable with mutual agreement between the two entities, said City Attorney Les Merkley.

Costs outlined in the contract will have the city paying $19.15 per ton of waste brought to the landfill. The previous contract cost the city $18.75 per ton, but was being transported to a landfill across the Ohio River in Louisville.

“This will relieve the burden on the taxpayer of Jeffersonville from previous [Clark] County Council commitments made to secure bonds,” Merkley said.

Clark County agreed to issue bonds in 2011 for $9.1 million to help expand the Clark-Floyd Landfill, LLC and install a slurry wall — a requirement deemed necessary by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Property taxes were used as a backup when the county issued the bonds.

According to an agreement in previously in place with Jeffersonville, the city was to take all of its solid waste to the Clark-Floyd Landfill, but it stopped taking its trash to the landfill under the previous administration and an exclusive agreement between the city and the landfill expired Dec. 31, 2011.

The new contract was unanimously approved Wednesday.


• May 1-3: Begin work on first home (502 W. Market St.)

• May 6-10: Raise first house, prepare for the move; prepare house two (432 W. Riverside Drive)

• May 13-17: Raise second house, prepare for the move; prepare house three (502 W. Riverside Drive)

• May 20-24: Raise third house, prepare for the move; move house one to the new lot.

• May 27-31: Prepare house four (115 Fort St.)

• June 3-7: Raise fourth house, prepare for the move; move house two and three to new lots.

• June 10-14: Prepare fifth house (116 Fort St.); move fourth house to the new lot.

• June 17-21: Raise fifth house, prepare it for the move and move the house to the new lot.