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December 23, 2012

New Albany’s levee certified by FEMA


NEW ALBANY — According to the city, New Albany property owners considered to be protected by the flood levee are now considered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as secure from Ohio River flooding.

On Dec. 4, FEMA released its new flood map for Floyd County. The organization has been reviewing levees across the country since Hurricane Katrina and the failed New Orleans levee, and the group reviewed New Albany’s infrastructure as part of the process.

According to a city news release, FEMA was examining whether there’s enough protection to guard against what are known as 100-year floods. The terminology essentially means there’s a 1 percent chance of a 100-year flood happening annually.

New Albany’s levee system was certified by FEMA during its examination, according to the city.

FEMA also recertified Letters of Map Change for individual properties that were submitted between 1996 and 2012 and meet two conditions: The land is located in a flood hazard area, and the structure on the property sits two feet above the base flood elevation level.

The certified letters remove properties from the flood plain, thus ending the requirement of the land owner to purchase flood insurance. For more information, contact the New Albany Plan Commission by calling 812-948-5333, or visit the website

— Staff Writer Daniel Suddeath