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October 6, 2013

New Albany council to vote on street study, budget

Budget includes raises for workers



The New Albany City Council will begin voting on the 2014 budget as well as cast a final ballot on funding a street and traffic study when the body convenes tonight, Oct. 7.

The general fund budget isn’t expected to be a hotly debated topic, as unlike some past years, the city isn’t anticipating a shortfall and raises are being proposed for employees. If approved, the budget would be about $22 million, which is an increase of about $2 million from this year. 

The council has until the end of the month to approve the budget. The first and second readings are slated for tonight and the third ballot will be cast later this month.

On initial readings last month, the council approved paying $30,000 toward a traffic study that could lead to the conversion of some one-way streets to two-way flow. Mayor Jeff Gahan has vowed to match the council’s contribution out of administrative funds to foot the $60,000 survey. 

The appropriation — which would come from Riverboat funds — is sponsored by Councilman Greg Phipps, and was approved 7-1 on initial ballots. 

City officials have said it could take up to a year for the survey to be completed. Supporters of the study have said it could provide recommendations and guidelines to converting streets to two-way traffic. 

As the city’s authority is framed, the New Albany Board of Public Works and Safety holds control over streets. 

Tonight’s meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m., and will be held in the third-floor Assembly Room of the City-County Building.