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October 29, 2013

Clarksville police foil shoplifting attempt

Woman is well-known to Victoria's Secret employees


CLARKSVILLE — A woman was arrested Monday after striking a Victoria’s Secret employee in the face at Greentree Mall and running from the mall with stolen merchandise, police reported.

As Diamond K. Rodgers, 21, Cincinnati, was being booked into the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex, police found in her purse about 25 three-by-three-inch sheets of aluminum foil. Police also found aluminum foil wrapped around the theft-prevention sensors on the stolen clothing to bypass the store’s alarm system.

The aluminum foil did not work, however, and a store employee followed Rodgers out of Victoria’s Secret after the alarm was activated.

Clarksville police responded to the mall shortly after noon on a shoplifting call and found Rodgers running through the parking lot of a nearby T.J. Maxx store.

“Being very out of breath, she was obedient to my orders,” the officer reported.

A second officer went to Victoria’s Secret to speak with a witness of the alleged shoplifting.

The female employee of the store identified Rodgers as the woman who had hit her and stolen merchandise.

The employee reported to police she had stopped Rodgers after she had left Victoria’s Secret and asked her to return to the store with the merchandise, but she refused.

The employee then asked Rodgers if she had a receipt for the merchandise, to which she responded by saying the receipt was in her vehicle and began running away, but the employee chased after her.

After the employee caught up with Rodgers, police reported, “[Rodgers] turned around and started beating her about the face with the heel of her hands, then turned around and fled.”

The chase continued between the women, and once in the parking lot, a man in a pickup truck provided assistance by pointing out where Rodgers was hiding, behind a group of automobiles, for the Victoria’s Secret employee.

Rodgers left the bags of merchandise in the parking lot and continued running away.

After she was taken into custody, Rodgers told the employee “ ... that should she ever catch her out in public, that she was going to beat her up,” according to the police report.

The officer then told Rodgers that she had added a charge of intimidation to her other charges.

“A few minutes later, [Rodgers] reaffirmed to the victim that should she ever catch her out in public alone, she was going to beat her [expletive],” police reported.

The officer then informed Rodgers that she had added another charge of intimidation to her mounting charges.

Police were later told by the Victoria’s Secret employee, who checked the stores files after learning Rodgers’ name, that she was in the store’s files as having previously made a fraudulent return of merchandise, and that she is involved in theft ring that has stolen thousands of dollars of merchandise from Victoria’s Secret stores in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Rodgers was preliminarily charged with two counts intimidation, battery and robbery.