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November 14, 2013

Remembering ‘Corty’

Family, friends remember Courtney Grimm during funeral service


JEFFERSONVILLE — Courtney Grimm was remembered Thursday for her passion for music and deep love for family that remained strong even as she battled personal demons later in life.

Self portrait photographs — “selfies” — and oversized sunglasses were her trademarks.

“She was the queen of the ‘selfie,’” said her brother-in-law, Ross Knecht, during Grimm’s funeral service at Scott Funeral Home in Jeffersonville.

Grimm, 27, and her boyfriend Morgan Julius, 26, were found dead of gunshot wounds in the bathroom of their Starview Court home last week by Jeffersonville firefighters responding to a fire at the residence. Jeffersonville police are investigating the deaths.

Family members cried and laughed during the service as Knecht, who has been designated as the family’s spokesman, delivered the eulogy.

Knecht said Grimm was “deeply loved” by her friends and family, and while she is gone, her memory lives on.

Knecht met Grimm when she was 10 years old, and during that first introduction, the child was overly excited to perform a dance routine “over and over and over again.”

He said Grimm had a love for music that began at a young age and remained one of her passions into adult life.

Those attending the service returned soft, tearful laughter as Knecht recalled that Grimm was often seen wearing sunglasses “as large as dinner plates.”

Knecht talked about Grimm’s love for her cell phone and using it to take pictures, including those selfies. The light-hearted remark was met by another wave of light laughter from those gathered at the funeral home, some of whom nodded in agreement.

He said Grimm loved her nieces and nephew and that she cherished the nickname “Corty” given to her by one of her nieces too young to properly pronounce her name.

Knecht said Grimm’s life could by categorized in two chapters: In the first, she was an exemplary student that included participation as a gymnast, cheerleader and National Honor Society member at Jeffersonville High School, which she graduated from in 2004.

The second chapter began with the death of Grimm’s mother and her becoming gripped by drug addiction.

“The details don’t matter,” Knecht said. “What matters is that she’s gone.”

Before the end of the eulogy, Knecht took a moment to say that the Grimm family understands that the grief felt by the Julius family for the loss of Morgan Julius is “equally difficult.”

The Julius family has asked for privacy while they grieve their family member.