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May 2, 2013

Woman, 92, hits Floyds Knobs dentist’s office with car

No injuries reported in wreck



No one was injured when a 92-year-old woman drove a vehicle into Highlander Dental Center in Floyds Knobs on Thursday morning.

Leah Malambri had arrived at the office — which houses the practice of Dr. Boyd Sanders at 704 Highlander Point Drive — for an unscheduled visit about 11:30 a.m. She pulled into the parking spot directly in front of the office building and pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake, causing her to drive a Dodge Intrepid into the structure, Floyd County Sheriff’s Department Maj. Jeff Topping said.

The woman was not charged in the incident.

The crash knocked loose several of the building’s bricks and bent a door frame resulting in no one being able to enter or exit through the front door. Dental Hygienist Vikki Oxley said the impact was a shock to those in the office.

“I heard a big boom, so I came out to the reception area and saw a car had struck the office,” she said. “The front door and wall were caved in. It was scary.”

Oxley said because the wreck had made the front door inaccessible, she went through the back door to check on the welfare of Malambri.

“She was shock and scared,” Oxley said of the elderly woman. “She felt bad that it happened.”

Oxley said the woman was able to meet with Dr. Sanders after the wreck. The incident was close to being much worse, however, Oxley said. 

“I had just taken my patient back who was sitting right by the front door,” she said. “He was lucky.”

No one was in the reception area at the time of the impact, and the wreck did not result in the office closing for any period of time.