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March 14, 2014

Injured bicyclist identified, remains in recovery

Jeffersonville man was struck by pickup truck Thursday on 10th Street


JEFFERSONVILLE — The man trapped under a pickup truck after the bicycle he was riding and the truck collided in Jeffersonville on Thursday has been identified as Ronald Bryant, Jeffersonville.

The accident occurred in front of Dairy Queen along 10th Street at about noon.

Jeffersonville Police Detective Todd Hollis said Bryant, 48, remains in the care of University of Louisville Hospital, but that he is alert and able to speak.

Hollis said he is not receiving critical care, but the injuries he has suffered are significant. He said Bryant’s back, hips and legs were all seriously injured during the collision.

Robert Truesdell was the driver of the Chevrolet truck involved in the accident. Hollis said charges against Truesdell are not being pursued at this time.

Bryant spend nearly 25 minutes pinned underneath the vehicle before firefighters with the Jeffersonville Fire Department raised the rear of the truck and made the extraction.

The collision occurred as Truesdell left the Dairy Queen parking lot traveling west and Bryant was riding east on the sidewalk directly in front of the restaurant.