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May 2, 2014

News and Tribune launches text alert system

Sign up for weather, school, breaking news and more sent to your phone


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — There are many ways people consume news today. You may be reading this article on your phone, tablet or computer. Or, maybe the old-fashioned way — the physical newspaper.

That paper used to be delivered by a person — likely a schoolboy — tossing it onto a porch. Now, the News and Tribune delivers the most news about Clark and Floyd county by many means.

Today, we add one more to the list with the launch of our NTXT Text Alert system.

We’re pairing with Textcaster — and industry leader in the technology — to offer readers this free service. The best part is they’ll only receive the news they want to, direct to their phone, right as it happens.

“For a year or more, we’ve wanted to add text alerts to the many ways we get local news to readers,” said Shea Van Hoy, News and Tribune editor. “Textcaster makes it easy for readers to sign up and customize the news they want to receive.”

One of the most-used features of text alert systems is severe weather notices. Readers will be able to chose from one of five counties to receive those alerts for — Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Jefferson County, Kentucky.

“We chose Indiana counties in our area and adjacent and picked Jefferson County because so many Hoosiers work in Louisville,” Van Hoy said. “Text alerts are one of the best ways for the public to be aware of approaching dangerous weather.”

The News and Tribune also will text out a daily forecast in the morning for that day for those who want to receive it. At times, that forecast will look ahead to coming days or special events.

We’ll also offer breaking news alerts, which should number two to three a week — based on merit — for those who subscribe to text alerts.

We also are working with area school districts on school closing alerts and school news notices. The service will be offered to schools for no charge. Amber and Silver alerts are another feature of NTXT alerts.

Readers also can sign up for breaking sports news and area sports scores.

We are working to grow a community news section, where nonprofits or large employers can use our text alert system to communicate with members or employees for a small fee to the organization or business.

Again, the text alert system — and an email alert system if readers chose to opt-in — is free to anyone who signs up. However, keep in mind, text fees or usage rates from wireless carriers may apply.

With that, we encourage residents who want another way to get the best coverage of Southern Indiana to sign up for NTXT alerts. You can do so by clicking here:

— Questions about the system can be emailed to