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September 23, 2012

Clark County Board of Aviation Commissioners gets $166K grant from FAA

Money will go toward settlement for Dreyer property


SELLERSBURG — The Federal Aviation Administration has approved a grant requested by the Clark County Board of Aviation Commissioners for $150,000.

The air board will pay $12,500 in local matching funds, while the state will pay another $4,167 to receive the FAA grant, according to Clark Regional Airport Manager Melodee McNames.

The funds will be used to help pay off $661,395 plus $162,248 in accrued interest currently owed to Margaret Dreyer. Dreyer was awarded the funds in a judgment against the county in an eminent-domain lawsuit.   

“This shows good faith that we are trying to take care of the judgment for the project that was needed for the runway extension,” McNames said. “The FAA is working with us to accumulate these dollars to get the judgment paid.”

Other grants to help pay down the Dreyer settlement are in the pipeline, and the air board will meet with representatives from the FAA in the second week of October, McNames said.

Clark County Attorney Greg Fifer is currently appealing the ruling that resulted in the $851,000 settlement.